News reactions – rogue legendary, LFR Easy Mode, and more Firelands Nerf

Wow, you don’t see news days like this very often. Hot on the heels of the Firelands Nerf announcements, we’ve got an apparently-leaked interview that implies the 4.3 Legendary will be a Rogue dagger, and a pile of news on the Looking For Raid tool in Patch 4.3, including the news that it’ll be tied to an entire new “PUG” tier of raid difficulty.

The blogosphere’s already exploding with responses, and since there’s so much going on (and a couple of other really, really cool blog posts I want to feature today), here’s the best of the news reactions out there:

Rogue Legendary

  • Spinks is making the compelling case that it’s time for Legendaries to be accessible to more than the ultra-elite“I find it hard to see people get their hopes up and then have them dashed by either bad luck with drops, or bad luck with Blizzard dropping a poorly tuned instance on their heads. I’d rather see a decent legendary with neat perks and questlines accrue to average guilds, and then let the hardcore guilds have a way to upgrade it somehow from heroic modes.”

LFR Mode

  • Screaming Into The Vacuum is pondering the many ramifications of the new difficulty setting“it will take the cuffs off of the developers who are constrained as to how hard they can make it by how many get to see it. They will be able to make things crazy hard for those that want it, while still letting everyone see the content in some form.”
  • Player Vs Developer wonders if Blizzard haven’t fully understood the players they’re dealing with“According to the interview summary, the one of the goals of the system is to teach players how to raid for future efforts in the “real” difficulty settings. If so, I believe the effort is doomed to failure because it continues the mistake that Rohan [at Blessing of Kings] pointed out – the belief that somehow players who are paying to play a game on their own schedules can be convinced to switch over to more structured raid schedules, if only they can be made to see the light.”

Firelands Nerf

  • Kurn really feels that the nerf is actually a slap in the face this time“So I’m going to be in a nerfed Firelands for the next 2+ months? How the fuck am I supposed to stay motivated to go through nerfed content when the element I care about most, the problem-solving aspect, sounds as though it’s pretty much negated?”
  • And Ben at Too Damn Epic is waxing more than a little sarcastic about the change“After numerous complaints about fairness, Firelands Elementary is also changing its policy towards grades. Many parents apparently feel that grading children makes the stupid kids feel awkward and embarrassed, and as such, the new grading policy will reward all children with an automatic “A+++”, just for showing up. “

More coming on all these topics soon, I have no doubt! (For the record, my reactions are “meh, I’m never going to get a Legendary anyway”, “They need even EASIER raids?” and “Dammit, I was looking forward to the challenge.”).

As always, if you’re writing a post, or you just want to express your opinion in blog comment form, either comment below or just link here in your post and we’ll pick it up in trackbacks. It’s a very interesting day – really looking forward to seeing what everyone makes of the annoucements.