Musings from Nerfs Do Come

I’ve been doing this job now long enough that I’m starting to recognise the various stages of blog reaction to a major negative announcement, like a nerf.

Stage 1, of course, is strong disagreement or agreement.

But we’re now hitting Stage 2, which is when the nerf, and the discussion therof, starts to spin off. And from that discussion comes a bunch of really interesting thinking.

So, today’s round-up is less about the nerf, and more about issues and thoughts that the nerf inspired – all of them really interesting:

  • Tobold is, of course, the master of the meta post, and he’s talking about nerfs, the oscilation of raid difficulty, and Abraham Lincoln “Right now, if somebody asks you the question whether raiding is hard in World of Warcraft, you need to reach for a calendar to give an answer.”
  • Achievements Ahoy is not worried about the nerf, but the effect that driving hardcore players away might have“I understand accessibility, and I think it’s great that people get to see content. At the same time I don’t feel that this should come at the expense of those people who are already capable of seeing content as it is. Is it right to make it more fun for one group but less fun for another? “
  • And Falling Leaves And Wings is asking the question – does every tier really have to push the envelope? “I think there comes a point in each tier where, in an attempt to keep things engaging, Blizzard pushes the difficulty envelope a little farther. “

Looking forward to seeing what else turns up! (Yeah, I still couldn’t tell you quite what Stage 3 is…)

Do you think that difficulty’s oscillating? Are you conncerned about veterans leaving the game? And does Blizz have to keep pushing the envelope?

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts