Let us know if we’re doin it rong!

Hey, everyone!

So, we’re in the process of spring-cleaning and improving a lot of things around here, ready for the big Patch 4.3 / TOR / Isengard onslaught later in the year, and one of the things I’m looking at right now are the WoW Patch 4.2 Quick Start Guides .

They were correct to the current state of theorycrafting when they went up, but three months later the ‘craft has moved on, and we’re going through and updating them (and also fixing a few things like formatting errors and lack of enchant lists).

So, if you have five minutes, a reasonable (or better – I know some of our readers are hardcore on the theorycraft) grasp of your class or classes’ theorycrafting, and fancy helping us out, would you mind taking a quick look at the appropriate Quick-Start Guide and letting us know anything we’ve gotten wrong or inaccurate?

Remember, these are meant to be quick guides, not EJ-style walls-o-text, so if we’ve come down hard on a complex issue or simplified a bit, that’s probably why. But if we’ve got it Just Damn Wrong (and I know we have in a few places already, so there’s probably more), or indeed if you think our recommendations could be better, let us know, either on the guides or in the comments below (or just send us an email – our address is mmomeltingpot at gmail d_o_t com).

Thanks very much – it’s greatly appreciated!