Great Links For The Weekend

We don’t always do Saturday posts, as regulars will know, but my Friday evening blog trawl produced some really great, interesting posts that we just didn’t have space to feature yesterday.

So, here’s a weekend special for everyone, with three great posts that I’d heartily recommend taking a glance over!

  • Shintar at Priest With A Cause has discovered a tragedy – in the Old World revamp, some zones appear to have just been forgotten“It stung to remember the times when I had hunted yetis for their fur, killed ogres for a bounty and snuck into the ruins to reclaim lost treasures. When content just disappears, with nothing else to replace it, that makes me sad.”
  • Blessing of Kings continues its series on endgame revamps with a very insightful look at the two types of WoW player “There is one conflict that I think is more important than the rest. The conflict that essentially shapes all the contortions that endgame goes through. This is the conflict between Transient and Extended content.”
  • And Forever A Noob is provoking some argument – if we’re considering eliminating minimum range for hunters, what about the poor range-limited melee ? “In the Atramedes fight during the air phase all I can do is throw knives, which is all but pointless except to keep my trinket stacks up. I think it would be much better if I could continue to melee the boss, even though it is 20 meters above my head.”

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!