Getting Old-School – More On How To Fix MMOs

OK, this one is just running and running – today we have even more great posts on ways to tweak, fix, and alter both WoW, and MMOs in general. It really seems like something’s started a rush of these ideas in the community – frankly, I love these kinds of ideas posts, so keep it up!

Today, we seem to have a theme of going back to older ideas:

  • Blessing of Kings has come up with a complete and well-thought-out blueprint for fixing the WoW endgame“I think the pendulum of the raiding endgame has swung a little too far. It needs to be brought back towards Vanilla/TBC. Not all the way, because that would be just crazy. But I think some of the desires and ideals of this current endgame have just not worked out the way they were intended, and should be jettisoned.”
  • Troll Racials Are Overpowered is arguing for more hoops to jump through “Imagine that you’re in a random group. You have never met these people. What can you expect from them? … How can we sort out these people a bit? Simple: Make them run through some hoops.”
  • And Procrastination Amplification is going back even further – by arguing that, in some cases, quests are a bad idea“The traditional (by now) questing model in MMOs doesn’t leave a lot of room for exploration and surprises. Things get even worse when players (like me) decide not to read quest text and blindly follow the pointers of some built-in quest helper system.”

Do you feel there are older ideas out there that MMOs should be returning to? Or is the only way to go The New Stuff?

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts.