Four Posts. Four MMOs.

It really does look like the MMO world is opening up and out. Where in past months we’ve seen nothing but weeks of comment on WoW, these days there are more and more games crowding into the blogosphere, demanding attention.

It’s really nice – it’s good to have some variety, and it’s good to see the different perspectives different games bring. And so:

  • Spinks of Spinksville is on the LoTRO case, with his first impressions of Isengard : “Unlike most other MMOs, LOTRO doesn’t digress hugely with gonzo zones or plotlines, and is mostly bound to its core lore and background. So in many ways the challenges for writers are how to make the zone storylines fresh and interesting when they are bound to involve similar NPCs and themes.”
  • Stormy at Scribblings on the Asylum Wall is our WoW blogger for today, as he figures out what the hell’s going on with WoW, levelling and the endgame “What we’re seeing during Nerfapalooza is a cold front of the cloth-wearing hunter brigade clashing with a warm front of actual raiders who have a clue, and the resulting thunderstorm.”
  • Darth Hater is channeling in the direction of TOR as he gives us 5 ways SWTOR will play you like a Kloo Horn “Consider this: originally I wanted to play a heavily armed and armored Trooper, but have somehow ended up with a delicate, talky-type Imperial Agent. Star Wars: The Old Republic has dueled my desires, and I honestly can’t tell who won. “
  • And Tobold is doing what he often does very well, with a quick post pointing us to a new MMO we might not otherwise have encountered – the non-violent, rather cute-sounding Glitch “Glitch is full of highly creative fun features to discover, like your auction house purchases being delivered by flying yoga frogs. Namaste!”

See you all tomorrow!