Firelands nerfs: Boss-by-boss

Since our last Firelands Nerf Roundup, I’ve heard a few people commenting that the boss-by-boss reports were particularly interesting.

Hence, I’m going to feature one last Nerf Reaction, from Blog of the Treant – Khizzara goes through each and every boss at some considerable length, and takes every one of them on – up to and including Ragnaros

“Alysrazor used to be one of the toughest bosses in Firelands, and the only boss that I thought could really use a nerf. I think we’ve wiped on her more times than any other boss in Cataclysm, and even after downing her six times she didn’t feel securely “on farm”. Even just last week we wiped on her twice.

I think I can safely say that our days of wiping on Alysrazor are over. This fight has been dramatically nerfed into the ground. It’s actually rather pathetic. I mean, come on, she needed to be nerfed a little bit, but this is ridiculous.”

It’s useful to have an idea of just how hard or easy FL’s going to be, particularly if you’ve not been all the way through – particularly for the few, the brave, the arguably crazy who might be intending to PUG it.

See you next week!

Quote taken directly from Khizzara’s post .

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