Fire No Longer Quite As Hot – the Firelands Nerf Reactions

I said on Twitter yesterday that today’s post would be about the WoW Firelands nerfs, and I wasn’t wrong. Everyone, it seems, has been out raiding, and it’s very interesting to hear just how far-reaching – or not – the nerfs have been:

  • Marks 365 has given us a boss-by-boss breakdown of the nerfs“Riplimb and Rageface drop like rocks, so does Shannox. You’ll have to watch your timing on how fast your DPS is going. We had to move DPS off of Shannox when we were burning the other dog just to prevent the enrage from happening early.”
  • Righteous Defence is having 30% ICC flashbacks“In the lead up to the fight, we were figuring out what to do while missing one raid cooldown that we usually had, when I pointed out that the whole damn raid now has a 25% Divine Guardian up the entire time thanks to the nerfs.”
  • Kurn feels that normal modes, for a group that’s completed them already, are now completely ridiculous“So we had a “fun” raid night with good spirits and good moods, for the most part, but it feels weird. The Rhyolith kill doesn’t feel hard-fought. The hardest part on Alysrazor was NOT killing her faster.”
  • And Looking For More decided to have a go at FL with an undergeared group, and found that for them, Firelands was still somewhat of a challenge“So basically, the nerf meant a group that had no business being there could kill the easiest boss, after a few fails. But it wasn’t a total pushover”

How have you found the post-nerf Firelands? Easy or not too bad?

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts.