Enchanting Resources on the Pot

It’s expensive! It’s powerful! It makes loads of money! And did we mention it’s really expensive?

Yep, it’s Enchanting, the doctor or lawyer equivalent in the WoW world. It’ll make you a fortune, but the training process is – tough. Maybe you don’t have to work 120-hour shifts or memorise thousand-page books, but between hunting down rare materials for your Enchanting rods and paying through the nose for more stacks of dust and essences than you thought there were in the world, when you’ve finally got there you’ll really have worked for your reward.

Fortunately, we at the Pot are here to make it easier. So whether you want to know the tips and tricks of Rod construction, the best way not to spend your entire account’s finances on levelling, or you just want to know how to rake it in once you hit maximum level, we’re here for you.

Watch for more guides coming soon!