Change of Hands

Hi folks.

It’s Rebecca here. You might remember me from such popular blogs as… /troymclure

Seriously, I wanted to drop by and explain from the Editor in Chief’s chair what’s going on with the Pot’s staff – and to hand the chair over officially. Some of you might remember me – a lot of you might not by now, I don’t know – but I was your original curator here at the Pot.

I didn’t leave because you guys were mean (you’re not; you’re lovely).

I didn’t leave because I was bored of the Pot (really not; you can still find me skulking about here most days, it’s just I tend to lurk).

I didn’t leave because I managed to burn our website servers down and Hugh, deciding it was safest for everyone if I couldn’t log in again, changed my Pot password (though it was a close thing and we’re out of matches now).

A few months ago I was fairly ill and Hugh kindly took over updating the Pot while I was curled up in bed making pathetic “meep” sounds. When I got better we found out two things. Firstly, he really enjoyed working on the Pot, and I – out of the blue – had some new opportunities come along. The sort of opportunities which I’d have to kill your character and steal your horse if I told you. So, on a short term basis, he continued with what he enjoyed and I explored these opportunities.

Now it’s a few months down the line. And we’re still there, both enjoying what we’re doing. Given all of that and the fact that Hugh’s doing a wonderful job – helped grandly by Johnnie – I’d like to officially hand over the Editor in Chief chair – it comes with a badger – to Hugh, and probably swap titles with Johnnie as “the one who’s rarely here.”

So, hope you guys are still having a great time with the Pot and will treat Hugh, as the new head honcho, as well as you did me. I’ll see you somewhere in the comments, sometime, and maybe for the occassional post when you least expect it.

This message will self destru-