Cataclysm Raids Quick-Read Strategy Guides for Normal AND Heroic

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Our Quick-Read Cataclysm dungeon strategy guides were super-popular, so a while ago Johnnie put his head down and started seriously working on a sequel – quick-read guides for all the Cataclysm raid instances.

These guides are the Cliff Notes to the raid – not a wall of text, but a few lines per boss, just like you might type in /raid before the pull. You can use them to quickly check what you need to know or paste into raid chat to make sure everyone’s up to speed. They cover both Normal and Heroic modes, too!

In these new, exciting days of rapid nerfs, more people are PUGing than ever before. So, if you don’t need a detailed description of the fight, you just need key tactics, RIGHT NOW, we give you:

Enjoy, and good luck with your PUGing!