Burning Eye For The Fellowship Guy

Is it me, or are MMOs on a huge fashion kick right now? WoW’s Transmogging is largely responsible, of course, meaning that every time I open my feed reader I’m faced with a bunch of steely-eyed, solid-jawed Heroic raiders discussing whether that red cloak goes with their characters’ eyes (just kidding, guys, it’s fascinating – although Big Bear Butt transforming into a fashionista is still a bit of a shock). And LoTRO, meanwhile, seems to have always been a fashion hub – but Isengard seems to opened along with a Prada outlet next door, because it’s really gone super-fashionable in Middle Earth these days.

Melmoth of Killed In A Smiling Accident put me on to three awesome new LoTRO couture blogs today, via A Casual Stroll To Mordor . The quality of some of the work these guys are putting out is amazing, and so in our first showcase today, we get all What Not To Wear on Arda:

Cosmetic LoTRO

Cosmetic LoTRO specialise, from what I can see, in very stylish, well-shot outfits with a general theme rather than a specific inspiration. Like all the blogs listed here, they offer a comprehensive guide to what items they put their outfits together from, and they also do interesting, complete notes on game updates and their fashion implications – kinda like EJ meets Gaultier.

I particularly liked:

  • Sylvan Shadows – a great roguish outfit making use of the RoI solid colours.
  • Apple Harvest – a really colourful but elegant Hobbit outfit.

LoTRO Fashion

LoTRO Fashion have recently focussed on outfits inspired by famous looks from RL and other media, as well as a lot of guest-posted outfits. Their Assassin’s Creed outfit is particularly inspired, matching the original game outfit so closely it’s hard to tell the difference.

Favourite outfits for me included:

  • Assassin’s Creed – this is an amazing job, really attractive in its own right and an excellent tribute.
  • Maeglaz guest outfit – whilst this is an attractive outfit in its own right, it really works with the mount.

LoTRO Stylist

LoTRO Stylist wins the award for some of the most attractive portraiture I’ve seen in any MMO. Whilst it’s outfit-focussed like the other sites, its showcase pictures are composed visuals in their own right, well-balanced and telling a story. I might have to go through the site for desktop wallpaper material later.

My particular favourites:

  • Lonelands Ranger – takes colours that could be drab and makes a wonderfully in-setting outfit with them.
  • Ethereal Elf Maiden – largely because of the title picture, which is absolutely beautiful.

Are you a LoTRO fashionista, or do you know great LoTRO stylists we’ve missed? Let us know!