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  1. Freyjuska
    September 30, 2011

    thanks much for featuring my blog! you asked if you’ve missed some of the lotro stylists, so i have to mention a few ones which i follow:
    http://lydialotro.blogspot.com/ – outfits made from low level (even introduction) pieces and a lot of guides how to look fashionable on early levels
    http://lotro-stylist.livejournal.com/ – russian fashion blog (i use google translate to read it :)) – some very original outfits there
    http://curvedsteel.wordpress.com/ – blog dedicated to female dwarves role-playing in lotro, also featuring outfits – this is very small but close-to-my-heart community :)

  2. Hugh Hancock
    October 1, 2011

    @Freyjuska – Awesome! Thanks very much – I’ll check these out, and might even feature then in Burning Eye for the Fellowship Guy 2…

    I can see this becoming a regular feature.

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