After The Nerfbat: make your own entertainment?

Like it or not, WoW players – or at least WoW raiders – are living in a post-nerfbat world now. Firelands is not the ultimate challenge it once was. So how, exactly, is a raider meant to keep themselves entertained?

It’s that question that Beruthiel at Falling Leaves and Wings takes on today

“Now, we had our first raid since the nerfs last night. We cleared to Heroic Rag in two hours without incident. But I’m not here to talk to you about how easy I felt the content may have been. I’m not here to tell you how the nerfs may have ruined the challenges of Firelands. I’m here with a proposition for you: Create Your Own Challenges.

This is what I said to my raid last night as we stepped foot into Firelands. Just because the content is now easier, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still challenge for you. It’s just a different kind of challenge. Where before perhaps an encounter challenged you, now you must challenge yourself. Easier doesn’t mean that you still can’t push yourself harder.”

This is a great post, and not just for this occasion. We’ve all had times as raiders when we’ve felt we’re not being fully challenged, I’m sure. Perhaps you’ve got a particularly easy role on a single boss, or you’re running farm content to gear up, or you’re training new players.

Beruthiel challenges anyone in that position to find new challenges – whether it’s polishing your performance to the point that the healers could pretty much remove you from Grid, or slowly but surely climbing the rankings on World of Logs. It’s a really interesting proposition, and one that could be quite inspiring to a tired raid group.

The message seems to be this: there’s more to raiding than a downed boss.

Do you challenge yourself in raid content? Or is a raid only interesting until all the bosses are down?

_Quote taken directly from Beruthiel’s post

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