A Hundred Questions LFR Must Answer

And in WoW news, meanwhile – the LFR posting on the blogosphere has started to ramp up. I’m expecting this to be the big one – more than any other feature in 4.3, perhaps until the next expansion, I’m anticipating debate, discussion, and detailed blog posting about Looking For Raid and the trials and tribulations therof.

(Of course, I’m also anticipating a million how-to-mog posts. But LFR’s going to be the debate-starter.)

It has already started with a couple of posts, notably an excellent one from Shintar some time ago. But today, The Grumpy Elf lives up to his name and delivers a really fascinating dissection of the LFR idea, in a truly massive post highlighting all the questions that Blizzard have yet to answer about LFR

“What about roles? Is Blizzard going to fill the raids with the standard 2 tanks, 2 healer, 6 DPS set up? I know my guild likes to do 2, 3, and 5 when we are starting out new content. Sometimes we still keep that even on stuff we can farm. How about solo tank fights? I can solo tank a buttload of stuff this expansion so far. I would say almost a quarter of the bosses can be solo tanked. So why make sure to give us 2? Are they going to just assume someone will have a viable DPS offset? Same with heals, some fights can really benefit from having three healers while others two is more then enough. Hell, I have a holy paladin in my guild that is more then willing (and capable) to one heal some of last tiers stuff.

Most tanks hate being on add duty. Add duty is probably the hardest tanking job anyone can have. Maybe that is why I like it, who knows. If we are given two tanks from the system who is to say we will get anywhere while we wait for the two people to fight it out on who will be the add tank. Is the system going to tell us who will be main tank and who will be off tank? How is the system going to actually decide this? Will the person it selects for it actually be capable of doing it? I know many fights where if all you ever did was main tank you will be in for a shock when you have to add tank.”

This one’s going to spark some debate – when you head over to read it, be prepared to get annoyed. I violently disagreed with at least two of Grumpy’s points – vote-kicking (not all people with vote-kick timers are “assholes that kick anyone that is not perfect”), and loot etiquette (if you’re rolling Need for your guildies, you’re part of the problem), and was uncertain on a few more. But nonetheless, he hits a whole bunch of home-runs too.

How WILL roles be distributed? How will communication be handled? What about DBM? What about offspec loot roles? Who’s going to decide what tactics we use?

It’s the start of a very interesting discussion, and I look forward to seeing the responses – and slightly apprehensively to finding out what the answers are.

Is the current LFR plan filled with holes? And what do you think the solutions will be?

Quote taken from The Grumpy Elf’s post .

Find The Grumpy Elf’s homepage at http://thegrumpyelf.blogspot.com .