How to play a Warrior in WoW dungeons – Arms or Fury spec

Having some problems? Are your teammates getting annoyed with you and you don’t know why? No problem – here’s a quick list of things that might be going wrong, which will help you learn how to play a warrior in WoW:

I keep dying!

Don’t use too much AoE

Generally speaking, the mobs should be hitting the tank, not you. If they’re hitting you, you may have accidentally caused too much threat. Make sure not the use too many Area of Effect (AoE) abilities. In particular, don’t use AoE if you’re likely to catch mobs that the tank does not yet have under control.

Wear plate armor

As a warrior, all your armor should be plate. Mail, leather and cloth armor will of limited use to you, and will probably mean that you take more damage as well.

Don’t stand in front of the boss

As a melee DPS class, you should stand behind the boss whenever you possibly can. Doing so will increase your damage, because the boss will be unable to dodge your attacks. As well as that, many opponents have powerful frontal attacks that will do you a lot of damage if you’re stood in front of them.

My teammates say I am a “ninja”

Don’t roll need on armor that is not plate

Warriors are plate-wearers. Cloth, leather and mail armor is unlikely to have useful stats for you. What’s more, you’ll receive a hefty bonus when all of your armor is plate, granting you an additional 5% Strength. Cloth armor, leather armor and mail armor are all intended for players of other classes, and they will get annoyed if you roll need on it.

Even if the armor is plate, it may not be suitable for you. If the armor gives a bonus to your Parry or Dodge it’s probably intended for a tank player rather than a DPS player. If the armor gives a bonus to Intellect, it’s intended for Paladin players, and will be of little use to you.

If you’re an Arms warrior, you should always be using a two-handed weapon. If you’re Fury, you should be using two one-handed weapons (unless you have the talent Titan’s Grip, in which case you can wield a two-handed weapon in each hand).

Don’t roll need on shields, either. Warriors only use shields when they’re tanking.

My tank is annoyed with me / other people say I am tanking

Don’t use Defensive Stance

Defensive Stance is intended for warrior tanks. If you use Defensive Stance, you’ll generate a lot of threat, causing monsters to attack you instead of the tank. You’ll also do a lot less damage in Defensive Stance than you will if you switch to Battle Stance or Bezerker Stance.

Don’t use Challenging Shout

Challenging Shout is an ability intended for warrior tanks. As a DPS warrior, you should never need to use it – if you do, the chances are high that you’ll cause the tank to lose control of the mobs you’re fighting.

Don’t attack uncontrolled enemies.

Try very hard to only attack enemies over whom the tank already has control. You can use an addon (see our guide to installing and using addons ) to check whether your tank has control over a particular monster.

My teammates say my damage sucks

Make sure you’ve spent all your talent points

Talent Points are additional powers you get as you level up. To see them, press “N”. Make sure you have spent all your talent points. It doesn’t matter too much where you have spent them in your talent “tree” until you are reasonably far advanced in the game, but do make sure you spend them!

As a DPS warrior, your only viable talent trees are the Fury tree or the Arms tree. The Protection tree is intended for tank warriors. Take a look at our guide to Fury Warrior DPS spec, rotations and glyphs or our guide to Arms Warrior DPS spec, rotations and glyphs for some ideas for good specs to use if you’re stuck.

Use the right stance

Fury Warriors should be in Berserker Stance and Arms Warriors should be in Battle Stance at all times. If you don’t have Berserker Stance yet, use Battle Stance.

Make sure you have the correct glyphs

You can find Glyphs from the bottom of your Talent window (press “N” and look for the Glyphs tab at the bottom). Most glyphs are not that important, but you need to have the following Prime glyphs – fill up as many Prime Glyph slots as you currently have:

  • For Arms warriors, take Glyph of Slam, Glyph of Mortal Strike and Glyph of Overpower.
  • Fury warriors should choose Glyph of Slam, Glyph of Bloodthirst and Glyph of Raging Blow.

You buy glyphs from the Auction House. Some may be very expensive – it’s worth saving up for them (see our guide to making gold for things on the AH) . You, or a guildmate, may be able to make the glyphs you need if you have the Inscription profession.

Make sure you’re using the right abilities

Not all of your abilities are of maximum use in all situations. If you’re struggling to do high damage, try one of the following very simplified sequences. You should work your way down the list from the top to the bottom, using the first ability that’s available each time.

For Fury warriors:

  • Use Bloodthirst if it’s available.
  • Use Colossus Smash or Raging Blow if they’re available.
  • Use Slam if it’s glowing.

For Arms warriors:

  • Use if there’s no Rend debuff on the target (if the icon isn’t next to the boss’s health bar)
  • Use Colossus Smash if it’s available.
  • Use Mortal Strike. This will also extend the duration of the Rend debuff.
  • Use Overpower if it’s glowing

These are very simplified priority systems, which won’t get the most out of your abilities but which should enable you to reach acceptable levels of damage-dealing. Once you’ve mastered the simple system, you can move on to the more complex priority systems detailed in our guides to “Arms warrior stats, rotation and glyphs and Fury warrior stats, rotation and glyphs


My teammates say my gear is bad

Don’t use anything other than plate armor

Warriors are plate-wearers. Cloth, leather and mail armor is unlikely to have useful stats for you. What’s more, you’ll receive a hefty bonus when all of your armor is plate, granting you an additional 5% strength.

Also, make sure all your armour has Strength on it, and none of it has Parry or Dodge.