Transmogrification! The pros and the cons

Blizzard are feeling either a bit threatened or extremely inventive, to judge from the onslaught of announcements yesterday. Void storage! Loads of dungeons! No more threat! Deathwing’s Butt-Crack!

(Well, OK, his back. We iz raidin on it, apparently.)

And, of course, Trans… Mogrifi… CATION! Yes, Blizzard have gotten their RP on, and will now be allowing us to change the appearance of items to look like entirely different items, opening up a world of possibility for RP gear, low-level instance runs, and high profits on Black Mageweave Leggings.

And you know what a big announcement like this means – yes, that’s right – a list post!

So, in the “OMG AWESUM DRESSES!” camp (which, I should stress, firmly includes me), we have:

  • The Big Bear Butt himself is very, very, very excited: “Well, kiss the clown suit goodbye, my friends, and say hello to a whole new game of planning your special outfit and then going out there and GETTING IT.”
  • Matthew McCurley at WoW Insider thinks this marks the end of a major theory in WoW design: “With transmogrification signaling the end of the silhouette era, could this possibly mean that with the next expansion, potentially concerning oft-rumored Pandaria, that we could see the inclusion of WoW’s first bi-factional race? “
  • Typhoon Andrew is excited that this change allows us to have “signature” looks like our favourite fantasy heroes: “There are npcs in WoW that are known by their weapons, characters in films and books (etc) that are linked to the weapons they wield and the equipment they carry. Indy’s whip & gun from the Indiana Jones films, Elric’s sword from the novels, all sorts of Final Fantasy memes.”

And on Ian Hislop’s team – no, wait – in the “Erm, yes, but aren’t there some problems?” camp we have:

  • Blessing of Kings is concerned that this change will stagnate the game: “I guarantee that the vast majority of paladins will be wearing T2 Judgement from now until the end of time. Judgement is awesome. But its time has come and gone. New tier sets will just not be as exciting as before when everyone wears the best of the old ones.”
  • Big Bear Butt then heard that, for some idiotic reason, we won’t be able to transmogrify to legendaries: “How completely frakkin’ stupid! If the whole point is that you have to possess the item in your own inventory, then why in the hell would you NOT want to be able to display that you have a legendary? Why?”
  • And Marks 365 likes the idea a lot, but is concerned about having to collect all that gear all over again: “The problem? I no longer have any of my Tier 4, 5, 7, 8, or 9 sitting around. Did I have it at one point? Absolutely. Does this mean I’m going to have to go back and farm it again? While it might be fun to do for one or two sets, I don’t want to have to run ToC again. Ever.”

Are you looking forward to TransMo with unbridled joy and a closet full of old armour? Will you be starting up old-content raids to get the cool stuff? Do you think there are problems? Or do you think that there’s a problem most people haven’t spotted with the idea?

Quotes taken directly from their respective posts.