Common Mistakes from New Players in a World of Warcraft Dungeon – and how to fix them!

There are lots of invisible rules in World of Warcraft these days. As a new player, it’s hard to know how you’re meant to know these things – but other players will expect you to know them nonetheless.

That’s why we’ve written this guide – here are all the mistakes that you might not realise you’re making, but could be giving you problems:

Remember, in addition to these universal mistakes, it’s a good idea to check our specific guide for your Warcraft class too.

I keep dying!

If you are being attacked by a monster, run to the tank and if possible attack something else.

If you have attacked a monster the tank does not have control over, it will attack you. Do not run away from it – instead, run to the tank so he or she can easily take it off you.

Don’t stand in the fire

Many bosses, and even some normal mobs, drop area effects on the ground. Often these will be patches of fire, but they can be ice, slime or any number of other bits of nastiness. They’ll damage you if you stand in them, and that damage will continue until you move.

You should make sure not to stand in the fire, and if you find yourself accidentally caught in a patch of fire or other damaging effect, stop whatever you are doing and move out of it right now. Don’t wait for anything, including spells to finish casting. GO! DO IT NOW!

Some ground effects can be healing effects. If your healer tells you to stop moving out of something, listen and do so.

It’s worth checking our dungeon strategy guides to see if there’s anything specific that you might be doing wrong that’s getting you killed.

My teammates say I got them killed.

Many bosses have specific tactics which, if you don’t follow them, can get you and your party killed.

Read the dungeon guide for the dungeon you’re doing to find out what you might be doing wrong.

The healer doesn’t heal me OR the tank won’t get monsters off me!

Most players will not deliberately be letting you die, so be sure to check that you’re not making any obvious mistakes. Be forgiving of other players’ mistakes – they have to learn their role too!

Some players may let you die. Often the reason for this is that you stand in fire or other damaging effects too often. Think about if you are standing in the fire or other damaging effects a lot and, if you are, focus on getting better at moving out of it.

Remember to check your class guide and the dungeon guide – there are a lot of mistakes you can accidentally make to get yourself killed, I’m afraid.

My teammates say I am a “ninja”

Don’t roll Need on items unless your current character needs them for her current role. If you are not currently the tank, ask before rolling on tank items, and likewise if you are the tank, ask before rolling on damage items (see our class guides). Don’t roll need on items other than armor and weapons, and don’t roll need unless the item is better (higher level, higher ilevel, or better stats) than the one you currently have.

My tank is annoyed with me, other people say I am tanking, or they say I am “pulling”

If you are not signed up to the dungeon as the tank, don’t attack monsters that aren’t already attacking one of your party. The tank’s job is to control the number of monsters and who they are attacking – if you attack other monsters, you can cause the group to die because they get overwhelmed or because they aren’t ready.

My teammates say my gear is bad

Make sure your equipment is repaired

Before you enter a dungeon, find a “repairer” character in a city or town (you can use the tracking button on your minimap to find them), and click the “repair all” button. This means all of your weapons and armor will work!

If you suddenly find you can’t use a lot of your abilities, check the “durability” of your weapons – they may be at 0, meaning they’re broken. If that happens, you need to leave the dungeon and repair – make sure to ask people if that’s OK first.

You can check the durability of your equipment by pressing C to display the Character Screen, and scrolling over each item. Look for the durability stat in the tooltip that appears.

Don’t use white or grey equipment if you can help it.

White and grey equipment is the worst type of equipment in World of Warcraft, and is easy to replace with quest rewards or from the Auction House (what if I don’t have any gold?) by about Level 25. Try to make sure you’re not using any white or grey equipment after this.

Don’t use equipment well below your level

If you’re level 45 and you’re still using level 13 armor, that will make your damage much worse. Look on the Auction House and see if you can find any better armor. However, you should still only buy green or blue armor of the right armor type and stats for your class (see our class guides)

h2{#res). My teammates are telling me to “resurrect”

If you are not a class that can resurrect (see your class guide ), then check the “Guild Perks” tab on the right of your Abilities screen (P button) to see if your guild has Mass Resurrect yet. If it does, use it if you are still alive at the end of a fight but the healer is dead.

If you cannot resurrect (you are not a druid, paladin, priest or shaman) and you do not have mass resurrect, tell your teammates politely that you cannot resurrect because your guild is not yet high enough level.