The “Virus ate my homework” roundup post

As we mentioned yesterday, the MMO Melting Pot was temporarily rather shut down by an extremely nasty rootkit. That was a double pain in the backside given various people have written some awesome posts over the weekend.

So here’s a quick round-up of the stuff we’d probably have featured yesterday, in shortened form. Sorry, guys – blame TR-Spy and TR-Crypt for eating our homework!

  • A neat offer – Scary of Scary Gamer is studying to become a personal fitness trainer, and he’s offering free advice to any gamers who want to tone up.
  • I Like Pancakes saw the new artwork for Tyrande Whisperwind, and is Not At All Impressed: “What this picture says to me is that Tyrande is Malfurion’s possession, or worse, his puppet. Look at the pose. Look at how disjointed Tyrande looks in comparison to Malfurion. Tyrande is looking at Malfurion; Malfurion is looking at us. Is there any doubt as to who calls the shots in this relationship?” (I completely agree)
  • Shintar has been looking back at her expectations of Cataclysm: “Soaring over the old world was interesting for maybe two weeks, then it just turned into the most convenient way of getting from A to B without having to pay attention to the scenery. I actually find myself enjoying my alts below sixty much more not just because of the new content, but also because they are glued to the ground and actually get to take in the changes in the landscape. “
  • Windsoar has a lengthy and interesting post on a personal dilemma she’s facing around anger and raiding: “Once upon a time, I spent many a raid night walking away from the game angry, furious even…I seriously thought, in light of my promise to my husband, that maybe I couldn’t manage to raid without the fury buff.”
  • And Spinks has a depressing, but thought-provoking suggestion – maybe the days of strongly cooperative gameplay were the sign of a golden era: “The internet in general has been friendlier towards strongly co-operative games than you’d expect. This I think is because the early adopters were blown away by being able to interact online with other people from around the world in real time. “

Any thoughts on angry raiding? Do you think we’ve just left a golden age? And does Tyrande now come off as a bimbo?

All quotes taken from the relevant article.