Quick Tactics: Zul’Gurub

The Troll Heroics are rightly known as being a great deal harder than the “normal” Heroics – but have no fear, if you know the tactics, Zul’Gurub can be fine! Here’s a quick guide to Zul’Gurub – you can skim this, or copy it into chat for party members who don’t know the place as well.

Before the first boss

After killing the first monster, click on the green cauldron to get a buff which will let you get through the next corridor area. Click the cauldron next to the third and fourth mobs to get immunity from many of their abilities.

First Boss: High Priest Venoxis the Snake Boss

Don’t stand on the green lines he conjures (which move – watch out!) or in the mist on the steps. Interrupt Whispers of Hethiss. If you get Toxic Link on you, run away from all other players. When he turns into a snake, don’t stand in front of him.

Tank: Make sure you’re tanking Venoxis where the melee DPS can reach his back. When he turns into a snake, stand behind him when he casts Breath of Hethiss.

Before the Second Boss

Click the Ice Cauldron to do massive damage to the next non-boss you attack.

Second Boss: Bloodlord Mandokir the Raptor Boss

He’ll insta-kill you at some point. Don’t worry about it and don’t shout at your healer – you’ll get a res soon enough.

Avoid the line of earth he conjures and kill the skeletal raptor when he resurrects it.

Third (Optional) Boss: Cache of Madness AKA the Archaeology Boss

This is a random boss.

  • Grilek: Run away when he targets you.
  • Hezzrah: Kill the adds before they reach their target.
  • Renataki: Run away when he whirlwinds.
  • Wushoolay: run away when he summons lighting, and avoid the lightning clouds.

Fourth Boss: High Priestess Kilnara the Panther Boss

Tank: Control the boss, but also pull and control the panthers one group at a time.

Damage dealers: Don’t attack the boss until all panthers are dead. Interrupt Tears of Blood if you can. AOE the panthers.

Fifth Boss: Zanzil the Crazed Loon

Don’t stand in front of him. If you’re the tank, don’t stand in front of him when he casts Zanzil Fire.

When he resurrects a troll, click the white cauldron, then everyone should attack it. When he resurrects zombies, click the red cauldron and then AOE the zombies. When he fills the room with gas, get the green cauldron.

Before the final boss

Kill at least 3 of the trolls around the central area. You’ll need to kill two, but killing a third makes Jin’do much easier.

Final Boss: Jin’do the Hexxer

Run into the purple/green dome when he casts Shadows Of Hakkar. Don’t let Jindo stand in the purple/green dome if you’re the tank.

After everything goes grey, everyone should stand near one of the bases of the chains. The tank should attack a troll from down below and bring it back up to the rest of the party. When the troll does Body Slam, if it’s on you, make sure you’re standing near a chain.

Once the Body Slam goes off, the chain will be attackable. Kill it, and repeat on the next chain.

The tank and everyone else should keep the Twisted Spirits off the healer, and everyone should avoid the missiles coming down from above.