Quick Tactics: Zul’Aman

Oh, no, a Zul dungeon! The Zuls have a pretty bad reputation, particularly if you’re not a super-experienced player. But have no fear – you’ll be fine if you know the basic tactics. Here’s our quick guide to tactics, Zul’Aman style, which you can skim-read while playing or copy-paste into chat.

You can do the bosses in a different order, but this is the order that 99% of all groups will do them in.

First boss: Akil’zon, the Bird Boss

Try not to stand too close to other characters. When someone is picked up by the large white bird, attack the large bird to free them. Stand under the cloud during Lightning Storm.

Before the second boss:

Don’t run ahead of the tank – monsters will spawn and run at you.

Second boss: Nalorakk the Bear Boss

He will run at the furthest person away from him 3 times. That needs to be a different person each time, so you need to work out who will stand out each time, and stick to that.

Before the third boss

It is very, very important that the scouts die ASAP.

Third Boss: Jan’alai the Dragonhawk Boss

Two NPCs wil run in shortly after the fight starts. The party needs to kill one of them – traditionally it’s the left one.

A lot of dragonhawks will appear from the opposite side to the one the NPC was killed on. The tank needs to control these and the damage-dealers need to use Area of Effect to kill them.

Don’t stand in front of the boss, and don’t stand on the bombs when he summons them.

Before the fourth boss

Many parties will use a very specific route to kill the minimum number of monsters. Stick closely with them to avoid grabbing additional packs.

Fourth Boss: Halazzi the Lynx Boss

Kill Corrupted Lightning Totems. DO NOT kill Water Totems. If you are ranged, stand in the green circle of the water totems. Tank him away from the green circles. Ignore the lynx.

Fifth Boss: Hex Lord Malacrass

Crowd Control or kill his additional monsters first. He will steal abilities from other players – interrupt anything that he casts, aside from Spirit Bolts and Soul Siphon.

Sixth boss: Daakara

Run away from his whirlwind.

He will turn into two different forms out of a possible four:

  • Bear: Have people stand out just as you did for the bear boss (Nalorakk).
  • Eagle: Kill totems, dodge whirlwinds
  • Dragonhawk: Avoid the fire. There’s a lot of it.
  • Lynx: Kill the adds. Tank should taunt half-way through Claw Rage.

And that’s it, you’re done!