Quick Tactics: Vortex Pinnacle Heroic

Worried about falling off? Yep, you’re in Vortex Pinnacle. You’re going to need some tactics. Vortex Pinnacle shouldn’t give you any problems – here’s a guide you can read on the run or copy-paste to your group.

Before the first boss

Don’t stand near the edge of the platform. Some of the monsters will knock you off it.

First boss: Grand Vizier Ertan the Air Thingy

When he brings his cyclones in, stand away from him. Otherwise, kill him.

Before the Second Boss

Don’t stand under the lightning clouds unless you want to die. Don’t attack dragons whilst they’re in their green circles.

The Second Boss: Altairus the dragon

Don’t stand in the cyclones he summons. Whenever he shifts the wind, look for the moving winds, and stand upwind of him (so that the wind’s moving away from you toward the boss). Don’t worry about standing in front of him.

Before the third boss

Monsters in the lightning triangles can’t be crowd controlled. Kill the Temple Adepts first, and interrupt their heals.

Third boss: Asaad the typing error – no, sorry, the Djinn.

When he casts Static Cling, jump. If you can dispel magic, dispel it on anyone who gets a spell on them. When he “summons a grounding field”, look for the lightning he’s casting, and stand in the middle of the triangle he draws.

That’s it, you’re done!