Quick Tactics: Throne of the Tides Heroic

Welcome to the instance with the most boringly long wait for a lift in history. That’ll give you time to read through all of this quick guide to the bosses and monsters, and their tactics. Throne of the Tides can e a bit of a pain if you don’t know the specifics – skim these or copy them into party chat to relieve the pain!

Before the first boss

Naz’jar Spiritmenders are healers. If there are two in a group one must be crowd controlled.

First Boss: Lady Naz’jar the giant Naga

Don’t stand in the blue patches. Interrupt Shock Blast. When she summons additional monsters, avoid the water tornados and kill the adds.

Second Boss: Commander Ulthok the Faceless One / Giant Cthulhu Thing

Don’t stand in front of him. Get out of purple circles fast, and watch out, because they grow. The tank should make sure Ulthok doesn’t remain in the purple circles for long. You can drag him right back into the previous room if you have to.

Before the third boss

The goblin creatures do tons of damage. Kill as fast as possible. When the Faceless Ones throw you up into the air, run away from them when you come down.

Third (optional) boss: Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha the squid thing and controlled minion

Get away from the rock shards. Interrupt Lava Bolt. Don’t stand in front of him.

When the squid thing floats off – if it Mind Controls someone, attack them. Otherwise, don’t cast any magic on it when Absorb Magic is up, and get out of the green clouds.

Before the final boss

The gauntlet area with the blue elementals is nasty. Kill the big elementals as fast as possible.

The final Boss: Ozumat the Great Big Squid and Neptulon the Beardy Elemental

This fight has three phases. In the first, kill all the monsters as they appear. When the big ones fly up into the air, run away from them.

When Neptulon talks about “the Beast” returning, three static monsters will appear. If you’re a damage dealer, kill them fast. If you’re the tank, attack and then run away from (kite) the Blight Beasts that appear. Everybody should avoid the black pools on the floor.

After all 3 are dead, the squid will appear on the side of the room – it’s big. Target it, run up to it, and nuke with all your cooldown abilities.

You’re done!