Quick Tactics: Stonecore Heroic

The Stonecore’s got a pretty evil reputation – but it’s not that bad. Here’s a guide if you’re not familiar with it and you need to read quickly – or if you need something to spam in chat to the rest of your party! With these tactics, Stonecore will be a breeze.

At the start

Kill the Earthshapers first or they will wipe your party.

First boss – Corborus the Worm Thing

Get out of the Crystal Shards when the worm throws them. Ranged DPS should kill the adds, melee DPS should move away from them. When the worm submerges, get out of the earth clouds or you’ll die.

Trash after first boss

Don’t stand in front of the Flayers unless you’re the tank. When the giants cast Quake (and raise their foot), jump. Don’t stand in the red clouds.

Before the second boss

Run along the path, avoiding the black spots on the ground. Follow the rest of your party.

Second Boss – Slabhide the dragon

Don’t stand in the pools of fire. Don’t stand in front of the boss. When he goes up into the air, avoid the patches of shadow. When you see “Crystal Storm”, position yourself so that one of the stones that he dropped is between you and him.

Trash after Slabhide

Kill the Sentries as soon as possible.

Third Boss: Ozruk, the Elemental.

Casters including healers: Cast a damage over time spell on the boss when he casts Elemental Bulwark.

Melee: Don’t stand in front of the boss. When he casts Shatter, run away from the boss past the semi-transparent wall, then back after he has cast it.

Tank: Point Ozruk away from everyone else.

Fourth Boss: High Priestess Azil

If you can interrupt, interrupt Force Grip. Get out of the big purple areas. Lead adds into the big purple areas. When she flies up into the air, avoid the red cicles on the ground.

That’s it! Have fun!