Quick Tactics: Shadowfang Keep Heroic

WoW, this place has changed a bit! Without some basic tactics, Shadowfang Keep and its bosses can be quite intimitdating. If you’re confused, here’s an ultra-quick skimmable guide to Shadowfang Keep Heroic, to read or to paste into chat.

First Boss: Baron Ashbury the healer’s nightmare

You’ll need two people interrupting in this fight: one needs to interrupt Pain and Suffering, which does a lot of damage, and the other one needs to interrupt Stay of Execution after about 2 seconds.

Don’t panic when he reduces your health to nearly 0! But do cast self-heals. Save cooldowns for his Dark Archangel phase at the end of the fight – when that happens, kill him quick.

Healers shouldn’t try to heal everyone to full health (except for the tank) until Baron Ashbury reaches 30% health.

Second Boss: Baron Silverlane the Kinda Easy

Kill the additional monsters when they appear.

That’s it.

Third Boss: Commander Springvale and his friends

Kill the two additional monsters first. Whenever additional monsters run in, kill them.

Get out of the green circles on the ground, try to stand behind him, and run out of the purple fire when he casts it.

Fourth Boss: Lord Walden the Cauldron Guy

Run out of the blue circles. When he casts a GREEN poison, keep moving until it wears off. When he casts a RED poison, stand still until it wears off.

Fifth Boss: Lord Godfrey The Guy With Guns

When he casts Pistol Barrage, don’t stand in front of him. Kill the Ghouls when they appear if you have good AOE damage.

That’s it, you’re done!