Quick Tactics: Lost City Of The Tol’Vir Heroic

It’s lost, and so are you? No worries. Here’s a read-on-the-move fast guide to the Lost City, either for you or for you to paste into chat. With these simple tactics, Lost City of the Tol’Vir will become much less confusing.

First boss: General Husam the four-legged winged thingie

Avoid the yellow glowing things. When they get big yellow circles around them, get out of the circles. When he casts Shockwave and clouds of earth happen, get out of them too.

Before the second boss

Most groups will avoid the pygmies after the covered tunnel by going through the water – wait and see what your group do.

Second Boss – Lockjaw the Crocodile and Augh

Don’t stand behind the big crocodile. Avoid the pygmy when he appears. If you get a load of smaller crocodiles attacking you, run to the melee and tank so that they can be AOEed.

Augh will appear after you kill the crocodile.

Run away from him when he whirlwinds. In fact, just run away from him if he comes toward anyone who isn’t the tank. If you are the tank – taunt him about half way through whirlwind.

Third Boss: High Prophet Barim the other four-legged thingie

One of your party needs to kite the Sun Phoenix – generally a ranged damage dealer. It’s pretty easy. Do damage to it then run away from it.

Get out of the big beam of light. When he pulls you all toward him for the first time, do damage to the dark phoenix and kill any Soul Fragments that appear. The tank should kite the Dark Phoenix.

Fourth Boss: Siamat the Djinn

He will start by summoning other monsters. Don’t attack him until after he’s thrown you around with wind. Kill the additional monsters. Tanks should tank Servants of Siamat when they appear, and everyone should get away from Servants of Siamat when they die.

After he throws you around, kill him.

That’s it, you’re done!