Quick Tactics: Halls of Origination Heroic

What’s long and quite hard? That’s right – Halls of Origination, at least if you’re not in full epics. Here’s our quick guide to the tactics; Halls of Origination will go much smoother if you skim this as you play or paste it into chat.

Before the first boss

Some of the hardest fights in the dungeon can be before the first boss. Crowd control everything you can, and step out of the damaging AOE on the floor.

First boss – Temple Guardian Anhuur

Don’t stand in the blue laser. When the boss shields himself, follow everyone else unless you’ve been told otherwise beforehand, and keep the snakes off whoever’s pulling the levers. Then interrupt him after the shield goes down.

Before the Second Boss

There is an optional boss to the right – Earthrager Ptah (see optional bosses, below).

In the hall of troggs, run away from the Fire mini-boss when he casts, get people out of bubbles on the water mini-boss by attacking them, don’t stand in front of the earth mini-boss, and avoid the tornado on the air mini-boss.

Second Boss: Anraphet the Stone Egyptian Thing

Avoid the black circles on the ground. When he casts Omega Stance, use survival cooldowns if you have them. The healer must cleanse Nemesis Strike from the tank.

Third Boss: Rajh the other giant Egyptian Thing

Interrupt Summon Sun Orb. Run away from Inferno Leap. Avoid whirlwinds. When he goes to the center, use damage cooldowns.

That’s it! Unless, of course, your group has decided to do one of the optional bosses:

Earthrager Ptah the four-armed skeleton

Avoid the effects on the ground. Don’t stand in front of him. Kill adds when they appear.

Isiset, the Construct of Magic

When she does Supernova, turn your character away from her. Try to all kill the same one of the three versions she splits into!

Setesh, the Construct of Destruction

Before Setesh: Kite the monsters out of the black circles.

Setesh can’t be tanked. The tank should pick up monsters that come out of the portals he summons.

When he summons a portal, kill it. Otherwise focus on him. Avoid the greenish-purple blobs on the ground.

Ammunae, the Construct of Life

Someone should be assigned to kill the Seedling Pods – kill them fast.

That’s it! Good luck, and enjoy all those Justice Points!