Quick Tactics: Grim Batol Heroic

Grim Batol has a reputation for being – well, kinda grim. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a super-quick guide to all the boss tactics Grim Batol has to offer.

The dragons

When the dragons are freed, get on one and start throwing fire at the monsters on the ground. Just keep firing and do as much damage as possible!

The First Boss: General Umbriss the dragon thing

One of your party should Crowd Control the Malevolent Trogg when it appears. When he casts Blitz, everyone should get away from where the target player was, including the target.

The Second Boss: Forgemaster Throngus the big ugly thing

When he equips his mace, the tank should run away from him. When he equips his shield, everyone should stand behind him (and stay behind him until he picks a new weapon). Don’t stand in the floor effects.

Third Boss: Drahga Shadowburner the guy-who-summons-a-dragon

He’ll summon adds, which take a few seconds to appear. They’ll link themselves to a player – that player should run away, and everyone else should kill and slow the add.

When the dragon casts Devouring Flames, stand behind her.

Fourth boss: Erudax the Faceless

Dodge the purple bolts he throws. When he casts Shadow Gale, stand on the purple spinning disc somewhere in the room (it’s probably where everyone else is standing).

When he summons Faceless Corruptors, slow and kill them before getting back to the boss.

Tank: When he knocks you away from him, avoid him until the Feeble Body debuff goes away (a few seconds).