Quick Tactics: Deadmines Heroic

Looking for tactics? Deadmines newbie? Or looking for brief strategies? Here’s our ultra-fast guide to the Deadmines Heroic at level 85

First Boss: Glubtok, Ogre Mage

DPS: When the boss teleports, stop DPS until the tank has picked up him up again. At 50% he will summon a spinning wall of fire centered on him – avoid that.

Tank: When the boss teleports, you need to gain aggro on him again. After he summons the spinning wall of flame, don’t stand in it, and pick up the adds as best you can.

Second Boss: Helix, Goblin Riding A Lumbering Oaf

Don’t stand on the bombs. When the Oaf runs to the back of the walkway, get off the walkway. If you get a Chest Bomb, run away from everyone else.

Third Boss: Foe Reaper 5000

Someone needs to be in the Prototype Reaper. They should stand at the bottom of the ramp. Everyone else should stand at the top of the ramp. The tank should pull the Foe Reaper to the top of the ramp.

Not in the Reaper: Get away from the boss when he casts Harvest. Use your cooldowns when you see the message “Safety Restrictions Are Offline”.

In the Reaper: Keep the Molten Slag elementals at the bottom of the ramp. Use Attack twice followed by Charge (right next to them) to keep them stunned and kill them. You can also use your knockback ability to knock them right off the walkway.

Fourth Boss: Admiral Ripsnarl the Worgen

ALL damage players should kill the Vapours quickly before attacking the boss. When the boss is at 25% of his health, focus on him.

Damage players should avoid the green clouds on the floor and kill the boss as quickly as possible.

Tank players should run around clearing the food away from the damage players and healer. Do this safely by eating one green-cloud food and then one non-green food, then repeat.

Sixth Boss: Vanessa Van Cleef

She’ll start by sending you into a series of “visions”. Avoid the fire and the blue/white circles in the first vision. Focus on killing Helix in the second vision. Dodge the lightning in the third vision. Kill everything as quickly as possible in the fourth vision.

Once you’re through all the visions, kill adds when she summons them, and when she shouts about explosives, click the piles of rope at the bottom of the ropes which appear on the far side of the ship to swing away.

Get away from her when she dies.

And that’s it! You’re done!