Quick Tactics: Blackrock Caverns Heroic

Blackrock Caverns has a reputation as being one of the easiest Heroics, but you can still die there without too much trouble if you don’t know the tactics. Blackrock Caverns can still surprise the unwary. Fortunately, MMO Melting Pot is here to help! Here are ultra-quick tactics for each boss. You read can this while you’re in there, or paste it into party chat.

First Boss: Rom’ogg Bonecrusher the ogre

Damage dealers: When he sticks you in place with chains, attack the chains, then run away when they break. Run back after he does his attack.

Tank: Kill nearby monsters before engaging Rom’ogg. He summons adds – you should make sure to get aggro on them.

Trash before second boss

Interrupt the Evolved Twilight Zealots when they cast Shadow Strike.

Second Boss: Corla, Herald of Twilight

Three of the party need to stand in front of the Zealots blocking the beams. If you are one of those players, you’ll get a debuff called Evolution. When Evolution reaches around 70-80 stacks, move away from the beam until it falls off, then go back into the beam.

The tank and the other player need to interrupt Dark Command.

Third Boss: Karsh Steelbender the drakonid

The tank should drag him through the fire in the middle whenever he stops glowing. Don’t leave him in the fire or he’ll AOE the party. The tank should pick up the adds, and the DPS should kill them. Don’t stand in the fire left behind by the adds.

Fourth Boss – Beauty, the Core Hound / big fiery doggy

CC as many of the dogs as possible other than Beauty. Don’t attack Runty at the back. She’ll Fear a lot and run around.

Fifth Boss – Ascendant Lord Obsidius the three-fold

Someone, probably a ranged damage-dealer, will usually need to kite (attack and run away from) the three Shadows. A powerful party may just heal through it.

Obsidius swaps places with one of the Shadows twice in the fight – the kiter will need to pick up the spare shadow. The healer should cleanse Thunderclap.