Predicting the 4.3 future

We’re still riding the wave of post-4.3 news blogging here at the Melting Pot, and there’s some extremely interesting stuff coming out from the blogosphere, with a variety of fascinating, detailed predictions hitting us over the weekend. So, join me as I take a wander through what our collective crystal balls are showing us.

First up, Dwarven Battle Medic has a detailed 4.3 post, but the part that really interested me was his phase-by-phase suggestions for how the Deathwing fight could work:

The Battle Mages manage to ground him, but as he’s just too powerful they cannot hold him for long. The Raid would fight a partially subdued Deathwing on the ground and have to deal with all the tricks that a very pissed off dragon in command of the element of Earth can possibly think up. Giant Earth Elemental adds that need to be tanked, insta-kill pits opening up beneath people’s feet and giant impaling spikes are some of the possibilities, in addition to having to deal with random, devastating flame breath attacks, claws and tail swipes.

Secondly, the Dead Good Tanking Guide has been thinking about the threat changes, and has a super-detailed runthrough of how, compared to DKs, Protection Warriors (and tanks in general) might change to the new model:

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest stand outs for change are Disarm, Spell Reflect and Shield Block. The former need more common use so are prime candidates for a change, while the latter is the ideal choice to make our mastery (blocking with a shield… Who knew?) more active. I also consider the implications that any sweeping changes would have on PvP, so I’d imagine that deep Protection talents would be the place where these changes are implemented.

And finally, Shintar, the Priest With A Cause, has been imagining the fun we’ll all have with the new Raid Finder:

Just like in the dungeon finder, I expect most people to zone in and not say a word. I can already picture tanks charging in with no consideration for the rest of the raid, just like they often do in five-mans… except that in a raid they’ll end up dying that way, and then maybe drop group. Most people will probably just stand around and wait for someone to tell them what to do, with maybe one or two going nuts with excitement about being in a raid with so many people, spamming chat, changing appearance and bouncing off the walls until they pull something – basically similar to what you see in the starting cave in Alterac Valley.

Frankly, I’ve been trying not to imagine LFR – but it’s still an interesting read.

**So, your turn! Do you have ideas on how the tanking mechanics will work? Or how Deathwing’s raid will come about? (Fee, free to comment on the Melting Pot’s own Deathwing raid speculation post too). Or just how good or bad the LFR tool will be?

Also, I’d love to get some feedback on this style of multiple-link post, as opposed to my usual lists. Do you like it or hate it? I like having the space to showcase each article a bit more, but it does make it longer as a post. What do you think?

All quotes taken directly from their respective articles.