New ways to follow guides and more URLs on the Pot

Hey, everyone!

So, I’ve been hearing from a couple of people that they’d like to have a better way to follow the MMO Melting Pot guides that we’re posting at the moment (down on the bottom right).

So, we’re going to try a couple of new services and see how they work out!

First up, we’re posting on I’m not 100% certain about it yet – it seems kinda spammy in places and it’s very slow, but it is a really nice tool for quick microblogging. We’ll be posting clips from bits and pieces we find on the Web, including stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut for the main feature on the day, and we’ll also be linking all the guides from that. You can find us at there.

At the same time, we’re also going to be Twittering that info (follow @MMOMeltingPot.

And we’ve set up a new Del.Icio.Us feed for just these bits and the guides – you can subscribe to that if you’re a Del.Icio.Us user, or if you just want the guides, you can find them under our Pot Guides tag there.

Hope you all find that helpful! If there’s any other service you’d like to see us getting our Social Media on, erm, on, let us know!