Lotro: Out of the South – how to complete it, find the Symbol of The White Hand, and open up quests in Echad Mirobel

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If you’ve headed to Echad Mirobel you’re probably wondering where all the quests went. Most of the quests in this area go through a single quest line before they open up – so, if you want to get to the rest of the chain in Echad Mirobel, you’ll need to do LOTRO: Out Of The South. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult a quest.

Where to find it

You’ll need to pick the quest up off Gellirwen (here’s her entry on MMODB) – she’s demanding that you find her a Symbol of the White Hand before she authorises further action against the nearby enemies – yep, in other words before she’ll give you any more quests.

This quest is the gate for many of the rest of the Echad Mirobel quests, so it’s worth doing – and if you’re not seeing any Echad Mirobel quests, this quest’s the reason why.


How To Complete It

The Symbol of the White Hand drops from three mobs in the area: Dunlending Brawlers, Dunlending Scouts, and Dunlending Toughs. All are Level 51-53 mobs. Despite what the questgiver implies, it only drops from these mobs – if you simply kill everything in the area, you’ll take forever to find the item in question.

The good news is that they’re pretty close by – search the area to the East of Mirobel and you’ll find them. The bad news is that it isn’t an automatic drop from a kill. In even more bad news, there aren’t any other quests that require you to kill these mobs. So you’ve just got to go out there and slay until you get the Symbol. Various people on forums say that this should take you anywhere between one and a dozen kills.

Once you’ve got it, just take it back to Gellirwen and you’ll open up the rest of the chain.