Let’s open the Heroic floodgates!

Almost everyone is, at this point, thoroughly sick of the Zul* heroics – and hardly surprisingly, because for anyone looking to maximise their gear in WoW, the choices boil down to running those two dungeons again and again, week after week, with no variety.

And so, today Matthew Rossi of WoW Insider is eloquently arguing that there is, essentially, no good reason at all why Blizzard shouldn’t extend the Zul’s increased level of reward to all Heroics, and alleviate the terrible boredom:

Opening up the other eight heroics to the 140 VP/JP reward for completing them would basically be saying, “At this point, it’s not the gear, it’s the points” — and frankly, that’s exactly the case. With ilevel 365 gear available through dailies and crafting and ilevel 378 gear in the AH from Firelands farming, most players are farming up the valor pieces and items they can get and filling the holes they can’t with JP purchases. With this as the case, it’s simply not necessary to bestow special status on the Zandalari heroics at this point.

Blizzard have definitely placed themselves in an invidious position with this one. On the one hand, all of Matthew’s arguments are valid, and in particular the fact that the entire playerbase is looking at another 4-6 months of repeatedly grinding the same dungeons has got to be a factor in WoW’s unprecedented subscription drops recently.

On the other hand, the Zuls are significantly longer and harder, still, than a conventional Heroic. If they were to up the rewards for all Heroics they’d accomplish two things – firstly, they’d significantly reduce the amount of playtime most hardcore players would spend in the game (from 45min+ for a Zul to 20 mins for some conventional Heroics, times 7 per week). And secondly, they’d be sending a major additional “dumbing down” message, opening the rewards of the Zuls to all players, not just those skilled and/or geared enough to do them, with the predictable backlash.

I don’t know quite what they should do here – I’m just glad I’m not the one making the choice.

What do you think Blizzard should do? Move the Zul rewards to all Heroics, leave it as it is, or something else?

_Quote taken directly from Matthew’s post.

You can find Matthew Rossi’s writing on WoW Insider at http://wow.joystiq.com/bloggers/matthew-rossi/_