Introducing: The Pot’s new “Help the noob in your LFD run” Quick Guides

Herp. Derp.

We’ve all had him in our run. The hunter in cloth attacking in melee. The mage who didn’t understand what CC was. The Death Knight who – well, frankly, there are too many Bad Memories connected to Death Knights to list.

These people tend to get referred to in very harsh terms. But often they’re clearly not malicious or idiots – they’re just newer players who haven’t had a chance to learn all the arcane stuff that us old hands consider obvious. And let’s face it – we’ve all been him or her at one point in our WoW careers.

“mage CC the adds and aoe when tank has aggro” – I remember a time when that sort of thing in a dungeon run sent me into a panic. What? Huh? What am I meant to do?

If you’re anything like the MMO Melting Pot team, you often end up feeling quite sorry for the new player in your run. But at the same time, it’s a hell of a lot of work to help them out and correct all their mistakes, all for someone you’ll never see again.

Hence our project of the last week: the MMO Melting Pot “noob guides”.

We’ve put together a dozen comprehensive, easy to read, easy to follow lists of all the mistakes we could possibly think of that newer players might make. They’re all nicely formatted and easy to navigate around, and they should help almost any new player to up their game.

We’ve included very simplified rotations (for the warlock who’s doing 2k at level 85), reasoning and suggestions on gear and how to get it (for the level 45 priest who’s still wearing grey gear), explanations of why you really really shouldn’t be in Blood Presence for the DK who insists it’s a DPS spec, the whole nine yards.

Here they are: Easy guides for newer WoW players

Please do hand the URL out to any newer players you meet – hopefully it’ll mean both less confusion for them and better DPS and less aggro problems for you!

**What do you think? Do you like this idea? Is there something we missed?

Also – please do retweet these, link to them from your blogs, and let guildies know about them in your forums! We’d really like to get this resource to help new players out there – and maybe get one or two of them reading WoW blogs in the bargain!