How to make “Those” raid nights suck less

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: Ok, guys, everyone ready? Lolelf? Lolelf? Are you there? OMG, he’s DC’ed AGAIN? AAARGH!

[Raid] imbadeeps: Tihs is takin ages, I’m off to buy smokes. Back in 10.

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: What? Wait! No!

[Raid] Lolelf: Back. Sry! But I gotta change the baby in 10 mins, hope that’s cool.

[Raid Leader] HealyPally: AAARGH!

We’ve all had nights like that. And so, from Manalicious comes a fantastic guide to just how to survive them, from taking breaks to perspective-getting to essential oils:

Was your night really all that bad? For our raid night, we didn’t kill all the bosses we would have liked, but the ones we did kill we killed pretty cleanly. I healed a different tank than I usually do on Shannox; our other tank healer got a chance to experience the damage patterns of the opposite tank as well. Beth’tilac went down very easily, and it was again a new tank doing the “upstairs” task. It could have been worse. We could have killed nothing. Or one less boss, or two less bosses. We got some valor points. Trash went very smoothly. I was mostly happy with P1 of Alysrazor as well. We’ve killed these bosses before. We will kill them again.

First up, I must say that it’s nice to see another raid group that takes sensible amounts of breaks. It improves your performance, guys! It’s Proven By Science with numbers and everything!

But moving beyond my efficiency obsessions, this is a great guide. It covers a whole range of options, from learning from your mistakes to mind-body issues that might be making you more tense. (The only thing I’d add, being arguably even more of a hippy than Vidalya, is that breathing exercises are surprisingly effective in improving mistake-laiden performance.) I’d recommend a read before the next time that the DC fairy strikes.

Any other tips? Or do you think all this “take breaks, breathe, think” stuff is a bunch of hippy crap?

_Quote taken directly from Vidalya’s post on Manalicious.

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