How to make enough money to afford the armor and weapons on the Auction House

You may have found an Auction House in your capital city, and had a look on there for items for your character, and been amazed at how much some of those items cost. A new weapon for a medium-level character can easily sell for 10 gold! A new weapon for a level 85 character can cost 500g or more.

And you may have assumed that you can’t afford anything on the Auction House (AH) until you’re higher-level, or more experienced, or have worked really hard for it.

Don’t worry! It’s possible to make enough money to be able to buy most more common items on the AH fairly easily – by selling things on the Auction House yourself.

I need money!

There are a lot of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, but here are some of the easiest:

Take the Mining profession

Mining is usually one of the most reliably-profitable professions in the game, particularly at low levels. You can learn Mining as one of your two professions from a mining trainer. There’s one in every capital city, and often in other cities and setlements as well. Wowhead has a complete list of mining trainers and their locations.

Once you’ve learned mining, you’ll need to purchase a mining pick, and then head out into the world. Don’t buy your mining pick from the Auction House. They’re readily available from many vendors, for less than the usual Auction House cost.

You’ll now be able to loot the ore nodes that you’ll find in every area of the world. You’ll be able to detect the nodes as well; you’ll see them as gold dots on your minimap.

Take the ore and sell it on the Auction House. To figure out how much to sell it for, do a search for the ore you’re trying to sell – “Copper Ore”, “Tin Ore” etc – and sell your ore at slightly cheaper than the cheapest listed price.

Also, check the prices first – it may be more profitable to convert the ore into bars first of all (something you can do yourself using your mining skill and a forge) before selling it.

Take the Herbalism profession

Herbalism can be as profitable as Mining, if not more so, but it’s slightly less predictable. Prices vary from server to server, and even from day to day on the same server. Still, it’s a good profession to take, especially coupled with Alchemy or Inscription.

You can learn Herbalism as one of your two professions from a herbalism trainer. There’s one in every capital city, and often in other cities and setlements as well. Wowhead has a complete list of mining trainers and their locations.

You’ll now be able to loot the various herbs that you’ll findin every area of the world. You’ll be able to detect the herbs as well; you’ll see them as gold dots on your minimap.

Take the herbs and sell them on the Auction House. Again, check what prices other people are selling herbs for before selling them yourself. Prices can fluctuate quite significantly, but you should be able to make good money even on low-level herbs.

Sell any uncommon (green) item you find

Throughout the course of your adventuring, you’ll find many Uncommon items. You can spot uncommon items because their names appear in green text. If they are not the right armour or weapon type and stats for your class, it is better to sell these on the Auction House than wear them or sell them to vendors.

You may want to sell uncommon items with shorter time periods on them (12 or 24h) because the listing fees can be quite expensive. If you’re lucky enough to find a Rare item (an item with a name in blue text), you can make even more money. Some Rare items sell for hundreds of gold pieces, even at low levels.

Note: You can only sell items that say “Bind On Equip” on them. “Soulbound” items cannot be sold on the AH.

Sell companion pets

There are vendors in each major city selling easy-to-obtain companion pets for about 50s each. You can often buy these pets and immediately relist them on the Auction House for 10 or even 20 times their cost. Be careful with this, though – check the competition on the Auction House before you buy in bulk! Our guide on how to get a pet in WoW has a list of common pets for both Horde and Alliance.

Buy enchanting materials from vendors and relist them on the Auction House

Many cities and settlements have a trainer for the enchanting profession. There’ll usually be a vendor standing nearby, selling common enchanting materials. That vendor will have a limited supply of low-level enchanting materials such as Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence. You can buy these and resell them on the Auction House, often at a tidy profit.

Sell your starting outfit

When your character first enters the game, she’ll be wearing a few items of basic clothing that provide almost no benefit to you at all. You’ll soon replace them with better gear, but don’t through them away. You might be surprised by how much money you can sell them for!

This is especially true on RP realms, but is worth a try on almost any realm. List each piece of your starting outfit on the Auction House for between 5g and 10g, and see if it sells. You may have to relist several times, and they may not sell at all, but often you can make some easy money this way.

Sell everything

You’d be surprised what will sell on the Auction House. Although you can always sell items to a vendor for a small profit, often the best thing to do is to sell the item on the Auction House instead. Even things like Boar Meat can sell. You may only make a few silver, but it will be more than a vendor would have paid.

Money-Making Tips

Don’t bother with crafting professions

WoW has three ‘gathering’ professions – Mining, Herbalism and Skinning, with the rest of the professions being classed as ‘crafting’ professions. Whereas the gathering professions are based around the idea of accumulating raw materials to then sell to other players or use yourself, the crafting professions use these raw materials to construct items and enhancements that may be useful for other players. The available crafting professions are Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Engineering, Tailoring and Enchanting.

If you’re low on funds, there’s no need to take a crafting profession right away. Although they will provide some bonuses (and will potentially allow you to craft useful items for yourself) the bonuses are not significant, and the potential cost of leveling a crafting profession is high. Wait until you have more money. You can level a crafting profession at any time.

(Some advanced players use crafting professions to make a lot of gold – but it’s harder to do than by using a gathering profession.)

How long to list for

When you create a new auction, you can choose to list your item for 12 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours. The non-refundable cost of the listing increases for each time period. In general, you should list items for 48 hours at a time unless the deposit fee is too high – that gives you the most chance of the item selling without you having to relist it.

Slightly more advanced tips

Sell common items for seasonal achievements

WoW has many seasonal festivals, during which special quests become available. Many players, even those at maximum level, will be trying to complete these quests during the limited window in which they’re available. If you’re clever, you can make money by selling some of the common ingredients required by these quests. For example, Ice Cold Milk is needed for quests during the Feast of Winter Veil festival, which takes place over the Christmas period. You can check you in-game calendar to find out what festival is coming up next.

Sell minor glyphs

Once scribes reach level 75 in the Inscription profession, they gain access to the skill Minor Inscription Research. This skill teaches the scribe a new, random Inscription recipe every time it’s used. However, the ability can only be used once per day. Because of this in-built cooldown, many scribes skip this ability when leveling their profession. That, in turn, means that the recipes taught by this ability are not known by many scribes. If you can level your Inscription profession high enough to learn this skill, you can often make lots of money selling the glyphs that it allows you to create.

Acquire Auction House data

Install an addon such as Auctioneer, Auctionator, Tradeskill Master or any addon that will allow you to regularly scan the Auction House to record the prices for which items are being sold. This will allow you to easily spot items that you can relist for profit. For example, many vendor sell recipes in limited quanties, many of which can be re-sold on the Auction House for far more than the original purchase price. Our (LINK Addon guide LINK) will tell you how to install and use addons.

Sell on the Neutral Auction House

Auctioneers from the Neutral Auction House can be found in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, Everlook and Shattrath. Although the fees to list an item on the neutral auction house are higher, your item can be seen (and purchased) by players from the opposing faction as well as players from your own faction. You can use that to your advantage by selling things that are hard for the opposing faction to obtain. The common pets sold by vendors in your faction’s cities are excellent choices.