How to find the best Minecraft gun mod for all your blowing-stuff-up needs

Minecraft is, of course, awesome. But it’s missing one thing: guns. Big f—ing guns. Fortunately the Minecraft user community is all over it, and approximately 72 nanoseconds after Minecraft hit the ‘net, the first Minecraft gun mod appeared.

Nowadays, there’s bloody hundreds of the things. So what’s the best gun mod for you? There are historic guns, modern guns, minimalist guns, and, yes, Portal guns all out there. So whether you want a Minecraft machine gun mod or some classic World War II armament, it’s all doable.

Read on for our pick of the Minecraft mods most likely to satisfy Guns And Ammo readers of all ages…

Flan’s World War II Guns mod

Going by era of the gun rather than era of the mod, this is the first one on the list. Flan’s gun mod is actually part of a series of mods that include planes, tanks, and all kinds of other good things.

The Guns mod includes a bunch of era-correct guns for both British, German and American forces, including such classics as the Sten Gun, the Lee Enfield rifle, and the Thompson machine gun. And given the Minecraft blocky style of the darn things, they look really good – check out this rather slick demo video, below:

Flan’s mods are very, very complete and super-well-documented. If you’re not entirely sure of the procedure to install a Minecraft mod (and we wouldn’t blame you), Flan’s mods are about as thoroughly documented as they get. (True story – we were going to write a guide to plane mods in Minecraft, but in the end didn’t bother, because Flan’s stuff was so well-documented we couldn’t find anything to add to it.) And even better, the mod’s also available to use with the popular Bukkit multiplayer server, meaning you can easily run a minecraft gun mod server in either classic or Bukkit flavours. .

On the downside, these are all specific era guns. If you’re into the WWII thing, you’ll love them – if you’re looking to be Dirty Harry or Black Hawk in some kind of direction like, say, Down, they’ll not do it for you.

But if you want a simple-to-set-up and awesome mod – which plays well with planes and tanks in the bargain – look no further.

Download Flan’s WWII Guns Here.


SDK’s Mods including Guns

These are some of the best-known and earliest gun mods out there. Note – don’t be scared by the “SDK” in the title. It’s just the name of the guy who makes the mod, and doesn’t imply you’ll need to do programming or anything!

SDK’s mods contain what you might refer to as the “classic” guns – AK47, shotgun, Desert Eagle, Gatling Gun, and more. If you’re looking for something a bit DooM-like, you’ll find it here. On the downside, the choice is arguably a bit generic, but on the upside, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. This showcase video is kinda long, but the narrator’s clearly really enjoying himself, and it does indeed look like a lot of fun:

Now for the bad news. First up, the mod’s not updated for Minecraft 1.7, so if you’re using the latest version of Minecraft, you’re SOL for now. It’s not nearly as well documented as Flan’s mods, either, so you’ll have to figure a lot of stuff out if you want to use it. And it doesn’t support Bukkit – just regular Minecraft.

All that said, if you’re not looking for a simulation experience and just want to blow some stuff up, go for this mod.

Download SDK’s Guns Mod here.

The Portal Gun Mod

Ok, this one isn’t strictly speaking a gun. Or rather, it is, but it doesn’t blow stuff up. Or rather – oh, hell. It’s a Portal gun mod. Minecraft can now impersonate Portal. You know what it does.

This is a REALLY impressive mod. It’s not quite the full Portal gun – you can’t see through the portals – but it’s damn close. You can fire blocks through it, and they’ll react as usual within normal Minecraft physics, allowing you to pull off some really impressive stunts. Check out this trailer video, parodying the original Portal trailer from Valve:

Downsides? Not a lot. It’s fairly well-documented, and appears to be reasonably bug-free, at least to the extent that you can expect from a mod. It doesn’t let you blow stuff up, which is a bit of a downer, but on the other hand – sheep. Portal. TNT. Need we say more?

Download the Minecraft Portal Gun Mod