Firelands Boss Guides – Tanking Lord Rhyolith

The bosses of the Firelands raid provide several tricky challenges for tanks, so you’ll be pleased to hear that you can take a breather while fighting Lord Rhyolith. Tanking this fight is far easier than most of the other Firelands bosses – in fact, Rhyolith himself doesn’t even need to be tanked until the very end of the fight. Sit back with your beverage of choice, and take a glance over our easy guide to tanking Lord Rhyolith.

Like many of the initial Firelands boss fights, Lord Rhyolith is a two-phase fight , consisting of a long first phase followed by a short burn phase. Most raids will only need a single tank for this fight.

If you want an overview of the fight, you can also check out our overall guide to Lord Rhyolith tactics.

Ignore the boss

Lord Rhyolith is big and imposing and menacing, but you don’t need to worry about him during Phase 1. He can’t be tanked, and he’ll do no direct melee damage. He’ll need to be carefully kited around the room, but for once that’s not your job – let the DPS deal with it. Our guides to fighting Lord Rhyolith as melee DPS and fighting Lord Rhyolith as ranged DPS have all the juicy details if you’re curious.

Instead of tanking the boss during Phase 1, you’ll be tanking the various adds that will spawn. There are two types of add: Fragments of Rhyolith and Spark of Rhyolith. These adds will be summoned by Rhyolith throughout Phase 1, with a summon being cast approximately every 25 seconds. Each summon will create either a single Spark of Rhyolith or 5 Fragments Of Rhyolith. You should tank all of these as they appear.

Fragments of Rhyolith

Fragments of Rhyolith don’t require much in the way of complicated tanking. Just get their attention and let the DPS burn them down. Any Fragment which is still alive after 30 seconds will will pick a random player to charge. Upon reaching the chosen player, the Fragment will explode, dealing its remaining health as damage to the player. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that, except to hope that the DPS manage to kill all the Fragments before the thirty seconds is up.

Sparks of Rhyolith

Only a single Spark will be spawned at once, but it’s a mob with quite high health. Sparks also spew out constant AoE damage to any raid member within 12 yards, so you’ll need to tank your Spark well away from the rest of the raid. The very edge of the platform is ideal.

Sparks of Rhyolith gain a stacking buff called Infernal Rage, which slowly increase the amount of damage they do, and also increases the amount of damage they receive. Your ranged DPS will be taking care of Sparks, so keep their positions in mind when choosing a spot to tank the Spark.


There will be fire. You should not stand in it.

While Rhyolith won’t cause you any direct worries during Phase 1, he will occasionally create volcanoes on the floor. The volcanoes will occasionally erupt, dealing fire damage to a few players at random. Getting hit by an Eruption will also apply a stacking debuff which increases the amount of fire damage you take.

Your DPS players will be trying to make Rhyolith stand on the volcanoes, at which point the volcano will transform into a crater. The creation of a crater trigger Magma Flow, during which Lava Streams are released from the crater. There’ll be either 4, 5 or 6 Lava Streams released, and they’ll move outwards from the crater in all directions.

Any player caught in the path of a Stream will be damaged. The streams will explode after 10 seconds, causing even more damage to any player standing on them. They don’t move very quickly, so you should be able to avoid them.

Phase 2

When Rhyolith has been reduced to 25% health, he’ll stop summoning adds and move into Phase 2. There’s a good visual trigger for the phase change, in the form of a short animation. Rhyolith will also discard his armor, changing his appearance to a giant of molten fire.

You need to pick him up quickly once Phase 2 starts. He’ll do a fairly nasty raid-wide damage strike right after the phase change, so watch out for that.

Rhyolith will continue to regularly use his knockback ability, Concussive Stomp. This shouldn’t have affected you at all during Phase 1, but it will definately affect you now. There’s no way to prevent it, but you should be careful not to let yourself get knocked back over a volcano – if Rhyolith moves towards you to re-engage, he’ll turn the volcano into a crater, triggering Magma Flow and reducing the rest of the raid into a chaotic mess of players desperately trying to run out of the fire.

This is a fairly standard tank-and-spank burn phase, so just keep careful control of your cooldowns and let the damage-dealers do their thing. The crux of the fight comes from the DPS’s role, rather than yours.