Firelands Boss Guides – Shannox tactics

Welcome to the Firelands! It’s full of fire. You probably shouldn’t stand in it. The initial few bosses of the Firelands raid can be killed in any order, but the first one most raids attempt is Shannox. Tactics for this big bully and his fiery pets are simple, once you’ve got the hang of the fight mechanics.

Here’s our top tips guide to killing Shannox … and his little dawgs too.


Shannox patrols throughout the middle area of the raid, with his two dogs Riplimb and Rageface. Before pulling Shannox, you should clear all the trash around the central area of the map.

You’ll need two tanks for this fight; one for Shannox and one for Riplimb. Rageface can’t be tanked – he’ll attack raid members at random, and generally cause a nuisance.

Things not to stand in

Shannox will regularly drop traps on the ground. These should be avoided at all costs. There are two types of trap – _Immolation Trap_s and _Crystal Fire Trap_s. Importantly, Shannox is not a very considerate pet owner, so his traps can (and will) affect Riplimb and Rageface as well as affecting players. Each trap will only affect one player (or dog), so once triggered will do no further damage.

_Immolation Trap_s cause fire damage. _Crystal Prison Trap_s encase their target in a crystal block, rendering the target incapable of performing any action until freed. If a raid member accidentally becomes trapped, DPS should switch to free them. The crystal prisons have a high health pool, so it’ll take several seconds of sustained DPS to destroy them.

Shannox will also regularly throw his spear to somewhere near Riplimb. Any player caught by the spear when it lands will be killed outright, so be sure to move away as soon as you see the indicator appear. It takes the form of a big red circle on the ground, and it’s easy to spot.

Once the spear throw has gone off, the ground will be covered with lots of little fiery explosions. They appear in a spiral pattern emanating from where the spear landed. Make sure not to be standing on them. Note that they don’t have any AoE effect, so there’s no need to move away from the spiral completely, just be sure not to be standing directly on one of the small fires.


Playing dog-catcher

The sight of Shannox’s spear flying over his head is too much for Riplimb, and his doggie instincts take over. He’ll stop what he’s doing to chase the stick, grabbing it in his mouth and running back to Shannox to return it. You should spoil Riplimb’s fun by trapping him in a Crystal Prison Trap, thereby allowing your tanks a precious few seconds’ relief from the Ragged Tear debuff that both Shannox and Riplimb apply. Check out our detailed guide to tanking Shannox for more information.

Balancing act

Your eventual aim is to kill both dogs at roughly the same time. To complicate matters even further, you need to do this when Shannox is at about 35% health. Have your DPS switch targets if necessary to balance it out.

If Shannox dies before the dogs, the dogs will enrage and wipe the raid. If the dogs die before Shannox, Shannox will also enrage – but this at least is just about manageable. Each doggie death will give Shannox a 30% boost to his damage and a 30% boost to his attack speed – he really loved those dogs. Once the dogs are dead the fight becomes a classic burn phase – DPS hard, and let your tanks and healers cycle mitigation cooldowns to keep the tanks alive. Obviously, this is the time to call for Heroism/Bloodlust/Timewarp.

Dealing with Rageface

Rageface is one of those annoying, yappy dogs that runs round the room wanting to make friends with everyone. Once Rageface has picked his target the only way to distract him is giving him a firm, hard smack on the nose. In this case, the smack needs to take the form of a 30k crit. Unless and until Rageface receives 30,000 points of damage from a single blow, he’ll continue to maul the poor unfortunate soul he’s targeted. Luckily, while he’s doing so he gains a debuff which makes each shot that lands on him much more likely to be a critical.


The two keys to this fight are ensuring that all raid members avoid the various nasties on the floor, and making sure that your tanks manage to drop their stacks of Ragged Tear regularly. Once you’ve got those two tricks mastered, the fight becomes quite an easy one.

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