Firelands Boss Guides: Lord Rhyolith tactics

Another day, another two-phase Firelands boss. You won’t be able to phone this one in, though. You’re going to need tactics. Lord Rhyolith is a boss you can drive. For real. You’ll get to control his direction of movement, and you’ll get to do so in the best way possible: by hitting him as hard as you can until he pays attention.

Division of labor

You’ll only need one tank for this fight. She’ll be tanking the adds that Rhyolith will summon. See our main Lord Rhyolith tanking guide.

Lord Rhyolith himself does not need to be tanked. In fact, for most of the fight he won’t be doing any direct melee damage. All of your melee DPS should be assigned to damage Rhyolith. As we’ll see below, doing so will also enable them to steer Rhyolith in specific directions.

Ranged DPS will be dealing with the adds as they appear. You’ll need concentrated single-target DPS for Sparks of Rhyolith and AoE DPS for Fragments of Rhyolith.

As you’d expect, you’ll need a dedicated healer for the tank. Raid healing will involve countering the regular raid-wide fire damage that Rhyolith throws out, as well as damage caused by the summoned adds and the various don’t-stand-in-it areas on the floor. Our guide to healing Lord Rhyolith has more details of the healing strategies for this fight.

The fire

Let’s get the Obligatory Fire Into Which Thou Shalt Not Stand out of the way first. Rhyolith will cast Concussive Stomp every 30 seconds. As well as causing a chunk of raidwide damage and knocking your melee DPS to the floor, this ability will create 2 or 3 volcanoes on the ground.

Volcanoes occasionally erupt, causing (yet more) raidwide fire damage, but they will be destroyed if Rhyolith steps on them. When that happens, they’ll turn into a crater, and that’s when the fire starts.

As soon as a crater is created, it will emit Lava streams. There will be either 4, 5 or 6 streams coming from each crater, and they’ll head outwards in all directions. Standing in a lava stream causes damage. After 10 seconds, the lava steams will explode, causing additional damage to anybody standing in them.

Once a crater and its lava streams have exploded, it will turn into a lava pool, which is just a regular pool of fire on the floor that should not be stood in.

The adds

Rhyolith will summon adds every 20-25 seconds. The tank should pick them up, and the ranged DPS should take them down.

Fragments of Rhyolith are summoned in packs of 5. They need to be killed within 30 seconds or they’ll charge a random raid member and explode, dealing damage.

Sparks of Ryolith spawn one at a time, but will need to be tanked away from the raid in order to avoid their AoE damage.


To get a more detailed understanding of the adds in this fight, read our guide to fighting Lord Rhyolith as ranged DPS and our guide to tanking Lord Rhyolith.

Who’s driving this thing?

To get an understanding of how to steer Rhyolith, take a look at our detailed guide to fighting Lord Rhyolith as melee DPS.

You should assign one player to be the ‘driver’ for Rhyolith. The driver’s job is to call out the current DPS target, and by doing so steer Rhyolith in the correct direction. Obviously, this is going to be much easier to do over a voice chat channel, but it can be done with raid warnings instead if you have a fast typing speed or lots of prepared macros.

The tanks is a good potential choice to also be the driver. Although she won’t be part of the team steering Rhyolith, her tanking duties in this fight are pretty non-taxing, so she’ll be free to call directions.

Your raid will arrive at their own best solution for calling directions, but a good basic system is to use the following five instructions:

  • Straight: all DPS on left and right feet should cease. You can continue damaging Rhyolith by targetting his body.
  • Left: melee DPS should all target Rhyolith’s left foot.
  • Right: melee DPS should all target Rhyolith’s right foot.
  • Hard Left: melee DPS should all target Rhyolith’s left foot. Ranged DPS should temporarilly switch from DPSing the adds to target Rhyolith’s left foot as well.
  • Hard Right: melee DPS should all target Rhyolith’s right foot. Ranged DPS should temporarilly switch from DPSing the adds to target Rhyolith’s right foot as well.

An alternative tactic is to divide the melee DPS into two groups: left and right. The left group attacks the left foot and the right group attacks the right foot. If the two groups have approximately equal DPS, this should balance out and cause Rhyolith to head in a straight line. When you need to turn him to the left, the right foot team temporarilly switch to the left foot. The left foot team simply continue to DPS the left foot (and vice-versa for turning right).

As a first priority, the driver should make sure that Rhyolith never reaches the lava at the edge of the platform. That’s where he’ll head if you don’t interfere, and once he gets there he’ll vomit hot lava all over your raid. That’s a guaranteed wipe.

The driver also needs to cause Rhyolith to stand on as many of the volcanoes as possible. When Rhyolith stands on a volcano, it turns into a crater, but more importantly it destroys a piece of Rhyolith’s armor. The faster his armor is destroyed, the quicker you’ll arrive at Phase 2.

The ultimate Burn Phase

Once you manage to reduce Rhyolith’s health to 25%, he’ll enter Phase 2, which is a burn phase in every possible sense. Rhyolith’s damage to the tank, and to the entire raid, will gradually increase, so the aim is to kill him before the damage becomes unmanageable.

He’ll continue to cast Concussive Stomp every 30 seconds, which will cause damage and also cause a knockback on everybody near him. Other than that slight irritation, this phase should be easy. Cycle your healing and tanking cooldowns, pop Bloodlust/Heroism/Timewarp, and let your DPS give it everything they’ve got. He’ll soon be a molten fire-filled corpse, out of which you’ll be able to pluck some inexplicably well-preserved epic items.