EVE Ponzi Scheme reactions

Whilst it may be very unfair, I’ve heard a couple of people refer to the collective EVE Online player base as a “wunch of bankers”. And EVE’s news certainly looks more and more like the bad bits of the Financial Times at the moment – only a couple of years after the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme rocked Wall Street, EVE’s had its own attack of Ponzi, with a couple of con artists making off with somewhere between $20,000 and $60,000 worth of EVE credits.

Needless to say, the blogosphere’s had some interesting thoughts and responses to the event:

  • Gordon at We Fly Spitfires suggests that EVE players aren’t nearly as dumb as they look“I think the investors, the people who lost their money, did so willing and knowingly, fully aware of the risks right from the beginning, even counting on it in fact. Because, at the end of the day, having your money ’stolen’ is a lot more fun that just having it sit in your own virtual wallet gathering dust.”
  • Spinks of Spinksville thinks that the players are too powerless to act in these situations: “Maybe some players would be interested in forming the equivalent of an in game fraud squad with powers to trace dodgy trades and shut these operations down. I’d be curious to know whether many players would take on this role in the interests of cleaning up the game, given that it likely pays a lot less than being a successful con artist or trader.”
  • Tobold wonders how long it will be until real-world law kicks in on an EVE or other RMT con: “A previous case of fraud in EVE was reported as somebody stealing ISK, who exchanged it for real money, and “used the cash to put down a deposit on a house and to pay medical bills”. If you can pay your real world bills with it, it isn’t play money any more. “

Any thoughts on the EVE ponzi scam? Is this still fun, or is it starting to get a bit too real?

All quotes taken directly from the relevant article.