Confusing quests in WoW: The Perfect Fuel – stuck on this quest? We’ll help you out.

Continuing our series of confusing quests in WoW, The Perfect Fuel is one which often leaves players baffled.

A follow-up quest to Environmental Awareness, the quest is given by Fiasco Sizzlegrin in the Abyssal Depths. Fiasco is trying to create a bio-fuel, and wants you to combine some samples to try to come up with something promising.

Huh? What do I need to kill?

You don’t need to kill anything. You just need to ‘use’ the table just a few steps to the north of Fiasco, and combine samples in specific quantities. The samples are already there, so there’s no need to gather anything. You can have fun randomly combining different things, but the precise combination you’ll need to complete the quest is

  • 3 x Hammerhead oil sample
  • 2 x Remora oil sample
Location of the mixing table

The mixing table is just behind Fiasco.


That looks promising

Mix the ingredients in the quantities above, and you’ll create Promising Fuel Sample. You don’t need to add any Terapin Oil – that’s a red herring, as it were.

Make sure the fuel you end up with is Promising Fuel, rather than Atomic Fuel, Billowing Fuel, Anemic Fuel, or any of the other incorrect mixtures. Those fuels are no good. If you return to Fiasco with any of the incorrect fuels, he’ll give you a hint as to what to change to produce a Promising Fuel Sample – but you don’t need to worry about that. We’ve told you the correct combination: 3 Hammerhead Oil Samples and 2 Remora Oil Samples.

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