Confessions of a Warcrafter

It’s rather hard to describe my first pick for today. It’s… Well…

Just rather awesome.

Warcraft Confessions

Warcraft Confessions is a great little site I saw linked on Twitter. It is, essentially, a series of rather nicely formatted screenshots with a message over the top, expressing a “confession” from an anonymous Warcraft player. The confessions are rather good, often expressing something that’s clearly emotional about WoW for the confessor – but it’s the synergy of confession and image that makes the entire thing work.

Hardcore Raider

WC Confessions is comparatively new, and there are only a page or so of confessions up there, but I expect it to grow, and fast. I’ll certainly be checking in to see new, rather sweet, thought-provoking confessions every day.

What do you think? Do you have any WoW Confessions?

Images taken directly from Warcraft Confessions.