WoW Insider publishes a guide to griefing. WTH?

We have a rule on MMO Melting Pot – we build people up, we don’t tear them down. We never feature an article unless we love it.

I’m about to make an exception to that rule.

Because either WoW Insider’s rogue columnist, Chase Christian, has just published a spectacularly awfully judged attempt at a joke, on the largest MMO blog in the world…

Or WoW Insider has just published a detailed guide to griefing.

Yes, their rogue column today is a guide to “world PvP” – read “ganking” – in the Firelands daily quest area. You know those total assholes who keep making a painful grind even more painful and even longer? This guide is aimed at helping them ruin your day even more effectively:

Your only objective here is to throw a wrench into your enemies’ plans. You don’t have to kill them to succeed. If you’re doing your job properly, there will be a handful of enemies camping the ramp on the edge of the safe zone, waiting for you to slip up. There will also be a parking lot of enemy players up the ramp, trying to pull mobs into the sanctuary zone so that they don’t have to fear your wrath.

When there are multiple players hiding at the sanctuary out of fear for your blades, you’ve done your job. Every minute that they’re delayed is another minute you’ve stolen of their time.

As we say at the bottom of every MMO Melting Pot article, “this is a direct quote” – from Chase Christian’s article. WoW Insider is now in the business of assisting griefers.

I really don’t know where to begin. If you enjoy PvP, more power to you. But if you enjoy fighting players who don’t want to fight back, who offer you no challenge (and the guide actually goes into detail on how to avoid anyone who might give you a fair fight), and who you’re only killing so you can have the pleasure of bullying them, you are a fucking asshole and I want nothing to do with you.

(We don’t usually swear on the Pot either. I’m making an exception.)

Many of the commenters on the post have gone into full-on apologist mode and are claiming the article’s some kind of joke. I really can’t see any sign of that, and even if it is, it’s still full of useful information for the idiots whom the joke is supposedly on. I play a rogue, have done some PvP, and to the best of my knowledge, the information’s accurate and useful. If this is a joke, it’s the equivalent of publishing a parody article about car theft that includes usable instructions for hotwiring.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that for this one particularly unfortunate day, WoW Insider has joined an extremely small and unfortunate list. That being the list of MMO blogs that are actively involved in making the game worse for many players through griefing. Assuming there’s no retraction from them, we’re going to have to carefully consider if we will ever link to WoW Insider again.

I’ve been reading WoW Insider since it launched. I’ve occasionally been very proud of them. I’ve never before been this disappointed in them.

Really bad call, guys.

In responsible journalistic fashion, I intend to contact WoW Insider and ask for their comment on this article. I’ll post any responses I get.

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Quote taken directly from Chase Christian’s article.