Potion of Treasure Finding: what’s the best place in WoW to use it?

If you’re an alchemist, you probably got very excited about the Potion of Treasure Finding when it was announced in Cataclysm. Hell, even if you weren’t, the thought of a potion that gives you more gold? Pure win. But since it arrived, it turns out it’s not that simple. The drop rate on the additional treasure isn’t so high that you can’t fail to make money – indeed, it’s possible to lose money with this potion if you’re incautious. So, where’s the best place to use a Potion of Treasure Finding to maximise your gold per hour?

If you just want a quick answer to that question, here’s the TL: DR – Grind mobs with a fast respawn time that are near to your level. If you’re level 85, either the Schottz Troopers in Uldum near the Obelisk of the Sun or the Restless mobs at the Restless Front in Tol Barad are likely to provide the best gold per hour.

But honestly, it’s more complicated than that. So, if you really want to optimise your gold production with Potion of Treasure Finding farming, read on.

How the Potion works

When you’re under the effects of the potion, you’ll have a small chance to pick up Tiny Treasure Chests along with the other loot any Cataclysm mob drops. Much like the Tailoring cloth drop ability, the potion simply increases the drop chance for this one type of item – it doesn’t do anything else.

Each Tiny Treasure Chest will contain 2-3 gold, 4-11 Embersilk Cloth, and 1-3 random Volatiles.

There are a few points to bear in mind here:

  • The Tiny Treasure Chests’ real value is in items, not gold. They only have 2-3 gold in them each. As such, whether or not they are actually valuable will very much depend on the value of Embersilk Cloth and Volatiles of all types on your server.
  • Their drop rate is low, but also varies by the level of the mob you’re killing compared to your level. Nerf Faids wrote a great piece testing the drop rate and concluded that for a level 85, the drop rate of the chests doubles from 3% to 6% killing Level 83 vs Level 85 mobs.
  • The amount of chests you’ll get is thus determined by two things: the drop rate, and how fast you can kill mobs. Remember, the drop rate is NOT affected by gear or class – so the better your gear and the better your class’s ability to AOE grind, the more valuable a Potion will be.
  • You don’t just get this loot outright – so factor in your time spent opening chests! (Yes, it’s significant). A macro like “/use Tiny Treasure Chest” will speed things up.
  • Your gold per hour isn’t just, or even mostly, dependant on the drops from the Potion. How much loot the mobs will drop for you anyway will have a huge impact. Since most of the recommended grinding spots are on humanoids, this means Tailors will see a much higher gold/hour than other professions.

All of this means that until you can clear the spots we mention below to the point where you’re waiting for respawns, the best improvement you can make to your gold/hour from the potion will be to equip more AOE-appropriate gear, spec or glyphs, or if necessary even use a more AOE-capable alt! Remember, we’re talking AOE *grinding* here, not AOE damage – so classes with decent defence and self-healing, particularly instant self-healing, will do well. Paladins, Death Knights, and Druids are all good choices.


Choosing the best spot

As I said above, the best spot will depend on your AOE grinding ability. Beyond that, the most important factor to consider is how fast mobs respawn.

Ideally, you want an area where you can kill every single mob in EXACTLY the time it takes them to respawn, and the mobs are as close to your level as possible. This means you’ve maximised your kills per hour, and the drop chance of the Tiny Treasure Chests. You also want to be grinding the mobs that will give you the most valuable items anyway.

Some recommended spots include:

  • If you’re lower-level or underkitted, Deepholme is a good place to grind. There are a few spots with a large number of close-packed humanoid mobs, which should be reasonably easy to kill. Notably, there is a cave to the far south of the zone where it’s easy to pull large mixed groups and AOE them. However, they’re level 82-83 for the most part, less than ideal for an 85.
  • If you’re slightly higher level and, ideally, ranged DPS, the Schnottz Troopers at the Obelisk of the Sun in Uldum come in large groups and respawn reasonably fast. They’re also level 83, however.
  • The Restless Front in Tol Barad is well-known as the best cloth grinding spot in the game. If you’re high enough ilevel to efficiently grind these, this is probably your best Potion of Treasure Finding spot – unless it’s already camped to hell on your server.
  • Glopgut’s Hollow in the Twilight Highlands is full of ogres – they’re rather spread out, but they respawn fast. According to this post, it’s best to fight them inside the buildings.
  • Currently it’s an awful spot, but as most players finish the Firelands grind, the Molten Front is going to become an excellent spot to grind for non-tailors, particularly if the price of Volatile Fire is high. Continually respawning mobs and plenty of helpful NPCs = win. And you can even do some dailies at the same time!
  • If you’re high enough iLevel, normal dungeons will eventually become the most efficient way to grind. However, your kills/hour will have to be reasonably close to what you’d achieve in non-elite areas for the Potion to be cost-effective. Obvious first candidates for a grind would be Vortex Pinnacle (Volatile Airs and a quick route back to the start) and Grim Batol (large groups of humanoid mobs).