Minecraft single player commands: how to download, install and use the Singleplayer Commands mod. Updated for 1.0.0!

Now updated for Minecraft Single Player Commands 1.0.0 (aka version 3)!_Ever miss the old days of Quake and Doom? One of the useful features that both those games had was a developer’s console – a little text window you could bring down, allowing you to type in commands to enable cheat codes or change the game in interesting ways. Well, it turns out Minecraft commands are accessible too – although you’ll need to download a mod called Minecraft Single Player Commands. Once you’ve done that, though, you can make yourself invincible, fly across your map, or make building easier and faster, all at will.

Let’s get going.

Oh, first, a quick note – if you’re in multiplayer, a completely different set of commands are accessible to ops and admins – see our article on Minecraft Admin and Op Commands. And you don’t need to use these commands to change your skin – that’s a simple process. See our guide to Minecraft skins

How to download and install Minecraft Single Player Commands

OK, I’ll warn you right now, this process is a bit scary.

Update – the Single Player Commands mod now includes an automated installer! Yay! See below for details

First of all, you’ll need to download the Single Player Commands mod – http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/94310-173-single-player-commands-v210-2/ is the best current download location. Whilst I’m happy for him to make some money, you might want to choose the Direct Download link for the latest version rather than the Preferred Download. The Preferred Download link goes through a rather scary-looking site called adf.ly which requires you to enable Javascript to download the mod – that site shows up on searches for malware and spyware, and generally isn’t even slightly trustworthy. The Direct Download link is perfectly safe, though!

Automated Installer – This new feature is a blessed relief if you’ve previously been used to the manual “hack the hell out of Minecraft” approach to installation. Simply run the Automated Installer, click “Browse” and select your Minecraft folder, then click once each on “Backup Minecraft” and “Backup Worlds” (to back up your files), before clicking “Install”.

You should then have a fully-installed version of Single Player Commands! If there are any problems with it, restore your backed-up version of Minecraft (from the “Backups” folder inside your Minecraft folder) and try the manual installation – see below.

Manual Installation – Once you’ve got the mod, you’ll need to install it. To do this, you’ll first need to download and install a program called 7-Zip (on Windows), which will allow you to open the main Minecraft file. Next, you’ll need to find your Minecraft folder (here’s a good guide for Windows Vista or Windows 7). MAKE A BACKUP COPY of Minecraft.jar now, before you go any further. Then open Minecraft.jar using 7-zip.

Now, delete the METAINF folder from inside the Minecraft.jar file, and copy all the files ending in “.class” from the Single Player Commands zip into the Minecraft.jar. Close the Minecraft.jar file, and copy all the files ending in “.jar” from the Single Player Commands mod into the same directory as your Minecraft.jar file.

If you’ve gotten this far, well done! It’s a rather scary process, but now you have access to all kinds of cool stuff.

So, I’m guessing you now want to know how to use Minecraft commands (of all kinds, including the Single Player Commands)? Minecraft makes it pretty simple – press “T” at any point within the game, then type in the command you want to use. There’s a full list of commands with the mod, but they’re not very thoroughly documented, so here’s a guide to some of the most useful ones!


Minecraft cheat modes

Here’s some useful commands if you’re having trouble, as the song says, stayin’ alive, or otherwise want to make things easier on yourself:

  • Climb – New in 1.0.0 – allows you to climb any surface.
  • Damage – turns all damage to you on or off. Become invincible!
  • Falldamage / Firedamage / Waterdamage – these three commands, as expected, turn falling. fire and water damage on or off. Useful if you’re building something in the sky or underwater.
  • Freeze – Freezes all the monsters. They can’t move, and they can’t attack.
  • Repair – repairs the item you currently have in your hand to full durability. If you type “repair all” it will repair everything in your inventory.
  • Keepitems – toggles whether you lose your items when you die, or whether they’re still in your inventory when you respawn.

Movement commands

Want to float gracefully around the world? Then you’ll want these.

  • Ascend / Descend – Moves you to the next walkable surface above or below you – so you can teleport to a cave under your feet or a platform high above you.
  • Fly – Lets you fly! You’ll need to add a number after this one – “Fly 1”, or “Fly 10” – which controls the speed at which you fly. Try various numbers out and see!
  • Jump – Instantly moves you to the block your mouse is on. The fastest way of moving around a map, but it’s buggy, and may put you inside a block instead. Use Ascend or Descend if that happens.
  • Noclip – Like the old Doom/Quake “Noclip”, this cheat allows you to fly through anything – walls and floor included. Be careful where you turn it off again!
  • SetJump – Sets the height you can jump to. Be sure to use “falldamage” if you set it higher than 1, as otherwise you’ll injure yourself on landing.
  • Useportal – Transfers you from the main Minecraft world to the Nether and back again.

Building commands

One of the best uses for the Single Player Commands mod is to make building in Minecraft easier.

  • Dropstore – transfers everything you’re currently carrying into a chest next to you (which is created by the command). Very useful if you’ve done a Bit Too Much mining.
  • Instantmine – turns instant mining on or off, meaning that you’ll just have to click on a block with a pickaxe once to mine it.
  • instantplant / instantplant grow – instantly plants saplings where you click. If you use “instantplant grow”, the tree will also instantly grow to full-size.
  • Item – gives you an item – by default, a maximum stack of that item. You’ll need to know the item code of the item – here’s a good list – or the full Minecraft name of the item. For example, “item 326” would give you a bucket, as would “item bucket”

Fun stuff

And finally, the obligatory list of amusing things you can do.

  • Cannon – shoots TNT, primed and ready to explode, in the direction you’re pointing. You’ll need to give it a “strength”, which is the radius in blocks of the explosion. “cannon 7” will give you a standard TNT strength. “Cannon 128” will be… spectacular.
  • Explode – sets off an explosion under your feet. Probably best to have damage turned off first. Again, “explode 7” will give you a TNT-sized explosion.
  • Ride – allows you to ride any NPC like you would ride a pig. Go, Creeper Mount, go!
  • Exterminate – Kills the NPC you’re pointing at. With style.