Useful Minecraft admin commands, op commands and server commands, and how to become a Minecraft admin or op

Running a Minecraft server? Then you’ll probably be distantly aware of Minecraft admin commands or “op commands”. They’re the scary code-like things that you can use to bend your server to your will. But fear not – in actual fact, Minecraft server commands are pretty simple to use, and extremely helpful for everything for removing unpleasant players to giving yourself the resources to build huge constructions.

First things first – how do you use them? Well, they only work on a Minecraft multi-player server – see Minecraft Single Player Commands for details on how to access the equivalent commands in single-player. Oh, and you can’t mess with skins at all – see our guide to Minecraft skins

You’ll need to be an admin or an op to access these commands. To become an admin, add your Minecraft name to the admin.txt or ops.txt file on the server, exactly as it’s spelt in Minecraft. If you wish to become an op, either add your name to ops.txt or ask an admin to promote you with /op NAME.

Once you’re either an op or an admin (the terms are roughly interchangable, although technically admins are higher “rank”, but Minecraft op’s commands and admin commands are the same), you can use any op command by pressing T (for talk), then typing the command. Don’t forget the forward slash at the start!

Dealing with people you don’t want around – banning Minecraft griefers

One of the most important functions you’ll have as a moderator or op on a Minecraft server may well be to remove or ban players you don’t want around, either because they’re griefing or for – hey, any reason you like, pretty much!

The first tool for dealing with tools (see what I did there?) is the /kick command. If you type /kick MMOMeltingPot, for example, then the MMO Melting Pot player will instantly be disconnected from the server. (Of course, you wouldn’t want to do that – we’re lovely.)


The player can just reconnect if they want. If they do so, and you’re not happy about that, then you can follow up by using the /ban command in the same way. At that point, the player shouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server until and unless you pardon them (with the /pardon command).

Of course, because your name is connected to your Minecraft account, it’s fairly tricky to get around a /ban. Some griefers have tools allowing them to do that, though. In that case, you might have to resort to the /ban-ip command to ban anyone with their IP address (Internet address, essentially) from connecting to your server.

You’ll need to search through your server logs to find the player name, then match it to an IP address (a string of 4 numbers seperated by dots, like, then use that number with /ban-ip to ban their IP. However, once you’ve done that, they’ll find it very hard to return.

As with /ban, you can pardon an IP with /pardon-ip.

Dealing with people you DO want around

You can use server commands to be nice to people, too.

Two of the most common commands you’ll use to help people out will be /tp and /give. /tp teleports players to other players’ location – /tp MMOMeltingPot Notch, for example, will move MMOMeltingPot to Notch’s location, where we will presumably proceed to get all fanboy in an embarassing fashion. It’s useful for rescuing people who’ve gotten lost, fallen down, or otherwise done something inadvisable – or simply for letting people meet up to work on a construction together.

/give allows you to give any player any item. You’ll need the player’s name and the data value of the item – the latter can be found in the very comprehensive Minecraft wiki, here.

To use /give, you would type, for example, /give MMOMeltingPot 309 , to give us a pair of iron boots. If for some reason you felt we needed more boots, possibly for walking, you could instead type /give MMOMeltingPot 309[10], which would give us 10 sets of boots. Awesums. Now we has boots.

Finally, if you just want to chat to your fellow players in the Voice Of God, or at least the voice of the server admin, /say will let you do that – the message you type following it will appear to all players, with no player name attached. So, for example, /say this was a triumph will spam your entire server with the first line of a popular song.