Songs to sooth the savage mob group

I’m continually impressed by the quality of the work that goes into MMO and computer game musical soundtracks. From the tremendous bombast of the WoW soundtrack to the understated mood pieces of Oblivion (guess what I’ve been playing lately), there’s some supremely impressive work out there.

MMO Gamer Chick has taken the time to highlight what she feels are the 5 best soothing tracks in MMOs, from Age of Conan to Minecraft, and I’m really glad she did. There’s some absolutely beautiful work out there that I wasn’t aware of:

Inon Zur is another genius in the music composing business and he does a lot of games. Rift actually has a pretty good soundtrack all around, but the first time I set foot in Stillmoor and I heard this beautiful tune I was floored. Still patiently waiting for the day Trion decides to release the soundtrack separately, digital download would be nice.

But this might not actually be as soothing as I think it is, because really, only the intro is like that and even listening to that part actually gives me chills every single time.

It’s easy to forget the power and quality of the music that plays as a backdrop to our worlds. Often we only remember it when it’s very in your face – all together now, Warcraft login screen music! – or a stunt, as in Forge of Souls. But there’s some remarkable work out there, and it’s great to have it highlighted from time to time.

What’s your favourite piece of MMO – or computer game – music?

_Quote taken directly from MMO Gamer Chick’s post.

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