Retro Raiding for Fun And Profit

It’s increasingly seeming to me that the older or easier content in WoW can in fact be some of the most fun – if you approach it properly.

Sure, Kara might be deathly boring if you’re 10 85s plowing through it for the achievement. But make it 2 85s, with no healer, and it’s a different story, according to Druid Main, who also believes that this sort of low-level content can be great for learning the “raiding mindset”:

I don’t care if I die in these retro raids. When we do hit the floor, it’s often while laughing madly at something. Making a mistake doesn’t carry the same weight here as it does when you’re in the “big kid” raiding.

It’s like learning how to drive. Bumping a cone is funny. Bumping a Mercedes is not.

He makes the entire process sound great fun, and also gives a good case for why it’s actually supremely useful training for the newer raider in important skills like Fire, Not Standing In The. Finally, he’s got a guide to a good chunk of the older raids, which ones you can two-or three-man, and which ones will wipe your face.

I’m hankering for some lower-level content now. Anyone with me?

_Quote taken directly from Druid Main’s post.

Find Druid Main’s homepage at http://druidmain.blogspot.com_