How to unlock the iLevel 365 Blacksmithing, Engineering, Tailoring and Leatherworking patterns in the Firelands Patch 4.2

I’ve been seeing a number of great guides to the Firelands popping up, but not one that answered this question directly, so I thought I’d write one. So, here’s how to unlock the patterns for bags and iLevel 365 weapons from the NPCs in the Firelands, in Patch 4.2, from Ayla Shadowstorm and Damek Bloombeard

There are 3 vendors that can be found in the Firelands. Of them, the two you’re interested for profession patterns are Ayla Shadowstorm and Damek Bloombeard, as I mentioned. Ayla sells the Tailoring and Leatherworking recipes, whilst Damek sells the 365 Blacksmith patterns and the 365 Engineering patterns likewise.

There are three stages of the Firelands quests to go through before you reach them.

First, you have to complete the normal Hyjal quests up to Aessina’s Miracle, which comes after you’ve done all the Ancients quests – Wolf, Bird, Cute Animals (not sure how to call that one :), and Turtle.

Second, you’ve got to complete the initial quest chain in Hyjal (which starts from the city noticeboards), and then do the dailies in Hyjal three times, to get the additional 12 Marks Of The World Tree you need. Once you’ve got those, you open up the entrance to the Firelands proper.

Third, you have to recruit both the Shadow Wardens and the Druids of the Talon. You’ll be given quests for each of these, which require 150 (!) Marks Of The World Tree.

Unlock the Shadow Wardens first!

Fourth, you’ll have to recruit the other side. That’s another 150 Marks. Only do the Druids of the Talon quests once – then switch back to doing Shadow Wardens quests.

Fifth and finally, you’ll get the chance to either recruit an armourer, build a moonwell, or recruit Elderlimb and the Ancients. This is the important stage. To get access to Engineering and Blacksmithing recipes, choose “Recruit an Armourer”. To get the Leatherworking and Tailoring recipes, choose to “build a moonwell”.

And you’re done! You can always recruit the other one(s) later, but to get the patterns as soon as possible, that’s what you need to do!

For a more detailed guide to everything you need to know about the Firelands, check out Icy Veins’ excellent, detailed guide.

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